Why visiting the dentist regularly is so important for oral health and wellness for patients in Austin, TX

Why is Visiting the Dentist So important in Austin area

At the practice of Dr. E. Griffin Cole, patients in and around the area of Austin, TX have access to high quality dental care from a dentist who is committed to their oral health. Many patients are unsure about why it is so important to make visiting the dentist regularly a priority. When you have a good dentist you are familiar with, regular dental check-ups can help you monitor your oral health and wellness.

Some of the benefits of regular dental visits include:

  • The dentist can keep quality dental records on patients – patients who visit a new dentist every time they require dental treatment will often have incomplete records of their dental health, as their history will be located in several different locations. By visiting the same dentist regularly on a routine schedule, patients can have all of their files and x-rays in one place, allowing our professionals to keep a longer timeline of oral health and wellness at hand.
  • Patients can have their teeth cleaned by a professional – at every dental appointment for routine care, patients will have their teeth cleaned by one of our dental hygienists. This is a great time for patients to have biofilm (plaque, tartar, and bacteria) removed from the surfaces of the teeth and gums for improved oral health and wellness.
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  • Patients can have their dental team check for signs of decay or disease – when periodontal disease and tooth decay strike, they can be addressed sooner and more effectively if they are caught in the earlier stages. This may mean performing special treatments such as fillings or scaling and root planing to bring the patient’s smile back to health and keep the condition from becoming worse.
  • Patients feel comfortable and build a lasting bond with their dental team – one of the reasons patients feel uncomfortable in the dental office is because they are unfamiliar with the professionals who are assisting them with their oral health. By visiting the dentist on a regular basis, patients can build a lasting relationship with their dentist and the professionals in the office to ensure they feel at ease at each appointment.
  • Early intervention can occur when decay or disease is diagnosed – most conditions can be easily treated when they are spotted in their earlier stages. By visiting the dentist every six months, signs of these conditions can be addressed and a proper diagnosis can be made. Once patients have a diagnosis of periodontal disease or tooth decay, then treatment can be obtained.
  • Patients can ask dentists questions regarding brushing, flossing, and other oral health care concerns – dental visits are a great time for patients to ask their dentist questions about how to achieve and maintain their oral health. Some patients may be unsure if they are flossing correctly or if they are using the right toothbrush and toothpaste. By speaking to our professionals, patients can get clarity on how to best care for their smile.

How often should I visit the dentist?

How often should I visit the dentist in Austin area

Patients should book an appointment with their Austin, TX dentist at least every six months, or twice a year for a professional cleaning and evaluation. Patients who have certain conditions, such as periodontal disease, may need to visit every three months to treat and monitor the issue and ensure that their teeth and gums are being restored to health.  That being said, Dr. Cole likes to see his patients gain such good control of their dental health that they eventually come for fewer cleaning appointments.

Our professionals are here to take the time to educate patients on the benefits of routine dental visits and how they can achieve a smile they are proud to share with others. Dr. E. Griffin Cole can evaluate patients and help them understand the benefits of visiting the practice regularly to have their teeth cleaned and examined. Our practice always welcomes new patients, as well as existing patients and families in the Austin, TX area.

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