What is the purpose of ozone therapy in dentistry?

Oxygen Ozone Therapy for Teeth Decay repair from dentist in Austin

Today, root canal treatment is relatively painless thanks to improvements in techniques, anesthetic, and sedation. However, that does not mean you should rush into a root canal if there is a viable alternative. Austin dentist Dr. Griffin Cole is selective in his recommendations for root canal therapy, and only performs this procedure with the inclusion of medical-grade ozone.

What you need to know about conservative dental care

If there is a concern about infection in a tooth, ozone therapy is one of the first things a biologic dentist will consider. The goal in our dentistry practice is to preserve the integrity of natural teeth as much as possible. With attention to the natural structure of each tooth and the implementation of biomimetic principles, this is often possible. Ozone plays a critical role in conservative dental care.
The FDA approves the use of ozone for the sanitization of fruits, vegetables, and meat products. Back in 1996, German Olympic swimmers refused to participate in chlorine-only pools. Only when ozone was added to pool water did the games commence. These commercial uses of ozone are a testament to the purifying power of this natural ingredient. How does ozone work thousands of times better than chlorine, and what does this mean for your dental care?

Ozone in health care

Ozone works in the same manner as the human body. When infection occurs, white blood cells enter bacteria and create an oxidative burst. This reaction to white blood cells causes a puncture in the cell wall of the targeted microbe, and the cell dies off. Ozone has the same effect on pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other disease-causing cells. In dental care, we may use ozonated water or gas to insufflate the micropores of a tooth. The bacteria at the heart of infection are destroyed, leaving no unpleasant side effects.
When possible, infection is treated with ozone and the careful rebuilding of each layer of the tooth. The resulting structure is strengthened against the force of biting and chewing.
Dr. Cole has completed extensive training in the area of Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine. His knowledge is matched by a dedication to preserving the smiles of his patients. To learn more about ozone in dentistry, call (512) 472-3565.

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