The benefits of treating gum disease in the Austin office of your biological dentist

Treating Gum Disease with help from Austin Dentist

Unless you maintain very regular visits to your dentist, you may not be fully aware of the true state of your oral health. When you view your smile in the mirror and see white, undamaged teeth, you are likely to assume that all is well. There are hidden indicators, however, of potential problems that could threaten the health and stability of your teeth, and much more. We are talking about gum disease and its subtle symptoms.
Dr. Cole is an experienced biological dentist who encourages regular preventive care that can quickly identify the early signs of gum disease. With prompt and customized treatment, it is possible to eliminate infection before significant damage occurs. Unfortunately, gum disease, a preventable condition, remains the primary cause of tooth loss in American adults. There are several reasons to take gum disease seriously.
Beyond cosmetic nuisances like discoloration or chips, gum disease is one of the biggest threats to the overall appearance of your smile. Tooth loss can significantly alter the look of the smile, and will need to be addressed for cosmetic reasons. Problems associated with tooth loss extend beyond appearance though, affecting oral health as a whole. There are many reasons for treating gum disease in the Austin office of your biological dentist.
Through extensive research, it has been discovered that gum disease is linked to a number of medical conditions, including:

  • Respiratory disease
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Pre-term delivery and low birth-weight babies
  • Sexual dysfunction in men
  • Cancer

Research in the area of gum disease is ongoing to determine the link between this condition and health concerns. Initially, it was thought that bacteria travelled from the mouth to various other parts of the body via the lungs and ingestion, as bacteria mix with food and saliva. Researchers have also found that the chronic infection of gum disease leads to inflammation in the body that does not resolve on its own. When the gums are chronically inflamed, the body produces an abundance of reactive proteins, which, in excess seem to harm the body.
Dr. Griffin Cole is an Austin area dentist who is committed to the highest standard of personalized care. Each patient who visits our office is scheduled ample time so we can investigate and discuss existing or potential dental problems. Our gum disease treatments are designed to clean the areas affected by harmful bacteria and encourage better oral health in the most natural ways.
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