How Austin, TX patients benefit from implant tooth replacement

Implant tooth replacement from dentist in Austin, TX

A single missing tooth spoils the appearance of your smile. It also allows its neighbors to shift out of position, increasing risk of decay and gum disease. Multiple missing teeth impact overall quality of life. A dental implant can be a good tooth replacement choice for Austin, TX patients.

When should an implant be considered?

The short answer is, anytime a tooth has been lost or is congenitally missing. However, dental implants are not right for every patient or circumstance. Dr. Cole gives careful consideration to your goals, budget, and lifestyle. He determines if your oral health and bone structure are likely to support an implant successfully. Then he recommends the tooth replacement method that is the best fit.

Advantages of dental implants

An implant is a tiny post placed into the bone of the jaw. Through a process called osseointegration, bone fuses with the implant. This has some distinct benefits:

  • Natural appearance. An implant is topped with a ceramic crown that looks just like your own teeth.
  • Normal feel in the mouth.
  • Restored function. Eat and speak without difficulty.
  • Improved self-image. You will like the smile you see in the mirror.
  • Oral wellness. A dental implant does not compromise adjacent teeth or cause unusual wear.
  • Bone preservation. The implant helps to maintain bone density in the facial area.
  • Routine hygiene. Brush and floss the implant like your other teeth.
  • Durability. With good oral hygiene, an implant can last the rest of your life.

A dental implant involves precise design, planning, placement, and restoration. In select cases, Dr. Cole handles all phases of the procedure personally. For complex placements, he works closely with a trusted area periodontist.
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