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Dr E. Griffin Cole Providing cosmetic treatment from their dentist in Austin For Texas Patients

Each one of us has a way of perceiving ourselves, which forms our self-image. Several factors play a role in our overall sense of self: our abilities, our personality, and our appearance. Feeling good about your appearance and your abilities does not make you vain; it makes you healthy. A positive self-image facilitates interaction with others in our personal and professional lives. Does a Texas cosmetic dentist really have anything to do with how people feel about themselves? Patients of Austin dentist E. Griffin Cole say yes.

Why appearance matters

Appearance is one of the primary factors in self-image. Research indicates that feelings of dissatisfaction with facial features may cause one to avoid observing their reflection. They may not smile and may avoid making eye contact. Hiding the smile is contradictory to building a strong self-image.

The smile is not only one of the first things people will notice and what we will notice in ourselves, but also one of the easiest changes that can be made to enhance appearance. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, you can take matters into your own hands by collaborating with your experienced dentist for cosmetic improvement.

Multiple paths to a common destination

The obvious goal of cosmetic dental treatment is to improve appearance by bringing natural beauty to the forefront, and a more attractive smile will lead to greater confidence. There are several ways we can help you feel better about how you look:

  • With effective professional teeth whitening, we can remove years of discoloration. Safe, effective home whitening is convenient and capable of achieving noticeable results in a matter of days.
  • Reshaping, recoloring, or resizing teeth with beautiful porcelain veneers takes only a few visits. Results of veneer treatment can last many years with good oral care.
  • Bonding small areas of damage such as chips or cracks brings health and attractiveness back to the smile.
  • Repairing and replacing damaged or missing teeth with outstanding materials like porcelain lets natural beauty shine through.

Today and every day, you deserve to enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile. Call (512) 472-3565 to schedule your visit with Dr. Cole.

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