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    Carmen R.

    I want to thank Dr.Cole and everyone on his wonderful staff for bending over backward to work me in early this morning–helping me to receive the most desirable outcome for my procedure. It takes teamwork and dedication to achieve excellence and you guys, as a team, achieve excellence day in and day out. That doesn’t make what you do an “everyday thing” though. Thank you. It means the world to me.

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    Michelle W.

    Thank so much for the great care you have given me. I am so grateful to have you as my dentist!

    Grateful to have found you through the IAOMT site. You and your assistants have taken your time with me and I appreciate you reaching out. Saw so many of your videos before I made my first call to your office and Im so glad I did. This has been a true blessing for me as it is really difficult these days to find a trusted dentist, and not to mention in the biological field. Was really impressed with all your high tech equipment and your pace today. Thank you so much to you and your team, I will be taking family and loved ones to you. You’re the best sir!

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    Dom S.

    I am really pleased with your work and grateful for your unparalleled expertise.

  • T

    Tracy E.

    Thank you very much for the amazing work that you do. Exceptional! You are above and beyond professional, efficient, knowledgeable and confident.

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    Steven T.

    Grateful to have found you through the IAOMT site. I saw so many of your videos before I made my first call to your office and I’m so glad I did! This has been a true blessing for me….I was impressed with all your high tech equipment and the pace of your work. Thank you so much to you and your team….I will be bringing my family and loved ones to you – you’re the best!

  • Courtnie J.

    Courtnie J.

    Great presentation at the IAOMT meeting! Thanks for your time and educated information!!

  • Kristin C.

    Kristin C.

    He made the removal of numerous amalgam fillings feel like an afternoon at the spa. He saved a tooth that 3 other dentists insisted would require a root canal. He’s been my dentist for 15 years, never failed to make me feel like his top priority (including during 2 separate weekend emergencies), and you simply couldn’t pay me to get dental care anywhere else.

  • Julia C.

    Julia C.

    I have a lot of confidence in Griffin and his staff. I appreciate their professional and friendly manner, attention to good service, perfectionism, and dedication to educating their clients and the community about the health benefits of being mercury-free and fluoride-free.

  • Cindy P.

    Cindy P.

    Dr. Cole is by far the most caring, knowledgeable, professional dentist I have ever come across! He goes way beyond anyone’s expectations and truly cares about each patient personally! He took the time to discuss my situation and mercury filling removal!

    He made me feel confident and at ease, as he talked to me throughout the process step by step! The procedure went so smoothly and efficiently…his assistant also made me feel comfortable and was so caring throughout the entire process!!! He even called after the procedure to make sure I was feeling ok afterwards!

    Just an awesome dentist, and truly caring wonderful person! Thank you!!
    Such an awesome guy!

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    Donna O.

    Dr. Cole is thought of as highly by his peers as he is by his loyal “following.” He is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and skilled provider … and knows exactly when, and where, to refer you for specialized procedures. I’ve had lots of dental care, and I ALWAYS look forward to seeing Dr. Cole and his sweet staff. Look no further, they are simply the best in Austin!

  • J

    Joanna M.

    I met Dr. Cole a few months ago and in a short time, he resolved a twenty-year-old dental issue. I just completed some extensive work that included an extraction, root canal and bridge replacement. I did not experience one second of pain during or after the procedure. Dr. Cole and Brandy were a fantastic team and I left with a temporary bridge that looks perfect. The entire team is incredibly warm and helpful. My best dental experience ever!

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    Denise D.

    I have been seeing Dr. Griffin Cole for several years now. The first thing I noticed was that he sat down and talked with me (free) for at least 20 minutes about my dental history and concerns. He said that he enjoyed meeting intelligent new patients, and hoped he could work with me (ha – who can say “no” to being called intelligent?). The first experience was completing a bridge that another “holistic” dentist started but almost ruined. He really fixed me up despite all the mistakes she did, and my bridge has been great. I am now into my 2nd bridge (age does that), and every time I go there I feel totally comfortable, knowing that Dr. Cole does things right the first time. The lab he uses is awesome for its quality. His assistants/hygienists/office staff are all super. I know I pay more than my insurance covers, but it is so worth it when you are toxically allergic to most of the fillers, implants, fluoride treatments, etc. found in typical dentists’ offices. I use my Medicare routine annual cleaning/exam with typical dentist. Dr. Cole is much more than that!

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    Sasha A.

    Wonderful doctor and staff. Full of knowledge and very kind. He does not do anything unnecessary and genuinely cares for his patients. The office is very relaxing too.

  • T


    I want to thank you for your incredible work and your great staff. I just rated you 5 out of 5 stars on Google. And, I can’t thank you well enough for your kindness and patience with me today (your assistant too). For no good or logical reason, I am afraid to death of the dentist’s office. I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.

    You, are by far, the best dentist I have ever been to – by far. No one comes close. And, thanks for fitting me in so quickly. The team member I talked to and you made it happen. I would have waited except for the big hole in my tooth. The new filling looks and feels like my real tooth!

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    You are “awesome!” Thank you, thank you for your expertise, professionalism, and perfection in performing this Mercury extraction! You and your staff made me feel so welcome. I feel so very very blessed! You have definitely given me “hope” where I was losing hope! It’s been a very, very long road! You have no idea what this means to me!

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    Angelica P.

    I’ve never had the lead doc of a clinic call me from the waiting area on my first appointment. Dr. Cole is so cool and down to earth. He and his staff seem to all like what they’re doing and it reflects in the aura of the office. The clinic is very clean. They have updated gadgets and has a nice view as patients face the frame windows. Best of all, they are professionals especially in Biological Dentistry. I would recommend them to anyone even outside of Austin.

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    Adrea C.

    I first came to Dr. Cole in 2002 with the notion of getting my 6 mercury amalgam fillings replaced. I had been researching the process and much to my delight, Dr. Cole’s biologic practice came up as being excellent and what do you know? RIGHT HERE IN AUSTIN. I scheduled appointments for myself and my boyfriend (who had a broken filling and TMJ issues). Dr. Cole gave us both a thorough exam and came to this conclusion. “Your fillings are beautiful. The dentist who did them did a great job and even after 15+ years, they look good. I always recommend that you have them replaced, but I know that it can be pricy and most insurance won’t cover the procedure. Take your time and see what would work best for you.” WHAT?!? A dentist who isn’t just trying to part me from my paycheck? Unheard of. I looked into what my employer’s policy would cover and realized I would have to use an MSA/HSA if I wanted it done. My boyfriend, on the other hand, needed IMMEDIATE attention. He had 12 fillings (most needed done ASAP) and one new cavity. His TMJ issue had worn/damaged the fillings and god knows how much mercury he was ingesting on a nightly basis!!!(He was also diagnosed as bi-polar; wonder what mercury does to affect that?) So he went ahead and got his done. I waited another year before having mine. I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT DOING THIS. The procedure wasn’t really that outrageous; it cost appx the same to have each filling removed/replace as the original fillings. It DID take about 4 hours and that was pretty brutal. Dr. Cole provided me with some supplements to assist in the detoxification process, too. 13 years later, still a patient and love that my genetic predisposition to good teeth means I only get an exam EVERY 2 YEARS. I get an annual cleaning, just cuz it feels so good to have super squeaky clean teeth! I love that he is so ethical that he doesn’t insist on seeing me “every 6 months” just because that is the ADA’s protocol. PS> That boyfriend and I split in 2005. One of the things he thanked me for?” Introducing me to your dentist.” ‘Nuff said.

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    Greg G.

    I was encouraged to switch and I was pleasantly surprised. Dr. Cole is extremely professional. The staff is wonderfully pleasant and nice. I am happy to have found my new dentist.

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    Michelle W.

    I really appreciate the excellent level of care at Dr Cole’s office. Everyone I have interacted with cares and gives their best. I appreciate the expertise and knowledge about healthy options for dental care. I couldn’t be happier with my experiences so far. I have never been comfortable in a dentist office and have been embarrassed about how poorly I’ve taken care of my teeth. I have felt like a family friend with everyone in the office since I first showed up at their door. Their bedside manner is a 10! I love the fact that they are holistic and do everything they can to ensure I get the best and safest treatments possible. I will likely continue to go to them even if I relocate out of the state. Thank you Dr. Cole and staff for helping me- I cannot fully express my gratitude.

  • R

    Robert H.

    Without hesitation, Dr. Cole is the best and most trustworthy dentist I know. He and his staff are great! His knowledge of his profession top notch. Best of all I trust him! While others try to sell you on their services, Dr. Cole is the one I trust to make decisions that are best for me and my family’s long term health.

  • S


    Hey Dr. Griffin,

    I wanted to send you a note to let you know what and exceptional and rare medical practitioner I think you are. If I were swimming in money, I would set up a fund so disadvantaged people could come to you for care because I think the quality of your service, and the quality with which you deliver it, could change their view of the world. That’s how impressed I am.

    I wish everyone had a chance to sit in your chair. Maybe then enough people’s standards for exceptional care would get reset and we’d have some momentum towards creating real change in a woefully inadequate, yet very expensive, “healthcare” industry.
    Thank you.

  • C

    Camille G.

    Best ever! Put simply-Griffin cares about your health. Everyone who works there is professional and pleasant. I have been going to them for years, along with my entire family, How refreshing to see such a well run dental practice that consistently reflects the very high standards of the owner.

  • Z

    Zach D.

    Wow, first review? Surprising but I guess dentists are not the first thing you want to yelp about.

    This review will be pretty short:

    After you visit Griffin Cole, you wish that all your other medical appointments were like this. He’s something like the character of Wayne Jarvis on Arrested Developement – PROFESSIONAL. He’s so professional it’s almost funny. Before you go sit in “the chair” you sit down in a nice office and talk about what’s going on. He listens and gets all the details and lays out what needs to be done. Then he does it, and he’s always PROFESSIONAL. Seriously. Great dentist. If you are having complicated or “scary” work done, he is especially the guy you want to see.

  • P

    Paul R.

    Dr Cole and his staff are bar none – the best in the business! I should know I’ve had lots of work done. What I love about them…

    1, They stand on principal and deal with teeth they way they see fit. No insurance companies telling these guys how to run their business.
    2, They care
    3, They don’t upsell
    4, They believe in what they are doing
    5, They don’t mind giving me laughing gas and
    6, They are the dentist office thats not so scary.
    If you getting work done – get it done by the best.

  • M

    Mandy S.

    Dr. Cole is a beacon of light in a sea of Austin dentists- one of the few in town that values holistic dentistry over the other kind that seems content to shove dangerous chemicals in your mouth, and then charge you for it. I went to Dr. Cole’s office this week after a small composite filling fell out of one of my tooth this past month. It wasn’t a big hole that was left behind, but I am sensitive to radiation and wary of going to a dentist that requires a full examination before they will even touch your teeth. If you call around, most dentists will not even treat you unless you fork out for several hundreds of dollars worth of dangerous x-rays—something I am not a huge fan of. I literally couldn’t schedule with a few places because they required this.

    Dr. Cole if different. From the moment I walked into his office, I was greeted and welcomed, and was able to get in to have a consultation with the doctor right on time (come on- when does that happen?). The office itself is beautiful- set in a private end of West campus, right near Lamar, you get hillside views while you’re in the dentists chair, no more of that “stare at the wall for an hour” kind of dentist experience.

    Dr. Cole is kind, generous, and honest about the science behind taking care of one’s teeth and health. One thing that I appreciate about Dr. Cole is that he doesn’t value the look of your mouth over the overall health of the patient. Too many dentists use fluoride and mercury fillings (dangerous elements) in patients’ mouths without ever giving them a second thought. Medical science has come a long way from the 1950s when many of these substances came out, and he is very knowledgeable about the dangers of modern dentistry- and bans these chemicals from his practice. He is well known for his studies on fluoride and mercury, and is on the forefront on the fight against dental fluorosis, a byproduct of using too much fluoride in one’s lifetime. When I told him about my aversion to x-rays, hoping that he wouldn’t turn me away at my request to not use them, he told me that his patients are never required to have x-rays. He has up-to-date digital x-ray machines, which really cut back on the amount of exposure you’re getting, but he doesn’t require that you take the x-rays. I opted to just have him take a look at my missing filling.

    He took a look at it, and was really honest about it when I am sure another dentist would have been seeing dollar signs. Since the hole on the side of my tooth was so small and exposed to oxygen, no cavity could form, and he told me a filling would have been superfluous for what I needed. He saved me hundreds of dollars upon this admission, and told me that unless it hurt me or I really wanted to have it filled, that I could go on without it. No drills, no problem with me!

    Thanks to Dr. Cole for all of his efforts to keep Austin healthy. I will go see him again if I have any other teeth issues.

  • D

    Dan K.

    I have to agree with everything in the other 5 star reviews here.

    Dr Cole is the best dentist my wife and I have ever been to. He has helped her deal with issues from titanium implants (she was alergic to titanium and no one tested her prior to installing the implants – very bad decision for us). He just helped me with a chipped tooth that probably needs a root canal. And he and his staff have been excellent to work with for the past 6 years.

  • K

    Kate S.

    My experience with Dr Cole and his fabulous staff was well worth the months of waiting time to get in. I felt completely comfortable, in expert hands who didn’t judge me for not having been to the dentist in over 7 years! And I love his holistic approach to dentistry. I’d recommend Dr Cole to anyone conscious of how what we put in our bodies affects our whole self and life.

  • A

    Allison P.

    I truly appreciate Dr. Cole’s integrative approach to dentistry and overall well being. His standards on mercury removal are unrivaled. With special vacuums and filters and a unique aftercare protocol (personal phone calls afterward and activated charcoal capsules for cleansing) I feel confident that I’m dealing with someone who has my whole health in mind. He was also instrumental in sending me to a similarly-minded endodontist who did ozone treatment with my root canal. I’ve gained improved wellness after two different mercury removal experiences and I highly recommend him and his staff. The services are a little pricey, but my health is worth it.

  • M

    Melinda P.

    Have you ever gone to the dentist and couldn’t wait to go back? That’s how I feel after my first visit with Dr. Cole. He respectfully meets you at your comfort level regarding biological dentistry. He was able to answer all my concerns and willingly gave me his best advice even though it made him less money.
    I’ve been to several biological dentist in several cities, but he by far my favorite.
    They don’t accept insurance, but give you a nice form ready to mail yourself.
    The staff is amazing as well, very, very, nice and friendly.

  • M

    Meredith B.

    I was first referred to Dr. Cole a few years ago for some major reparative work on leaking mercury fillings, because he in safe removal. He was so informative, skilled, and knowledgeable that I felt completely comfortable placing my trust in him, and I’ve been extremely satisfied with every visit since. He also did an incredible job with some extensive and much-needed cosmetic repair work, which has made me very happy! His office staff is wonderful in every way as well. I would NEVER go anywhere else! Just can’t say enough what a good feeling it is to be able to trust someone with my teeth and smile.

  • S

    Steve P.

    From the moment you walk into Dr. Cole’s office, you feel truly welcomed. Tammy and Judi have a way of making you feel like family. Couple that with Dr. Cole’s expertise and his talented assistants, and you have the whole package. I actually look forward to going to MY dentist!

  • P

    Paul R.

    I’ve been a patient of Dr. Cole’s for about 20 years. He and his office staff make going to the dentist as comfortable as possible. Dr. Cole and his staff are passionate about gums and teeth…they do it right, they care, and have a great deal of integrity.

    P.S. If you want to see Dr. Cole get passionate – ask him about mercury fillings. What you learn might just change your life.

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Dr. Griffin Cole earned his dental degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio Dental School. He has three decades of experience in dentistry and is trusted by Austin, TX residents. He was the first dentist in Texas to have a mercury-separating system in his office, and the first dentist in Austin to be certified in oxygen-ozone therapy. He’s a member of many reputed dental associations including the IAOMT, and teaches practice management and growth at the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry. Dr. Cole is a published author and follows continuing education programs on a regular basis. Connect with Dr. Griffin Cole on Linkedin.

Dr Griffin Cole has been awarded with Austin Premier Doctor Award 2019

Dr Griffin Cole has been awarded with Austin Premier Doctor Award 2019

Karen S.
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