Replacing teeth – and smiles – with biocompatible implants in Austin

Replacing teeth with Implant treatment from expert dentist in Austin, TX

Dr. Griffin Cole is in the business of helping patients keep their teeth for a lifetime. The level of personal care offered in our office surpasses what many of our patients have ever experienced. We are proud of our longstanding commitment to five-star service, which includes seeing only one patient at a time. We believe this is how optimal oral health is achieved and maintained. While our team performs care aimed at preserving natural teeth, Dr. Cole has also achieved advanced skills in the dental implants procedure in order to help Austin patients regain confidence and function after tooth loss.

What are implants?

Normally, we see tooth replacement as just that – the replacement of missing tooth structure. There are vital components to a tooth that are not seen; the root being one of them. Implants are prosthetics intended for root replacement. These tiny posts, made of biocompatible materials, provide the ideal support to restorations; such as crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Why patients choose dental implants over alternatives

Consulting with patients for tooth replacement, Dr. Cole discusses available options, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each method. There are numerous reasons why patients decide to replace both roots and teeth with the dental implant procedure:

  • Value. The lifespan of dental implants goes on and on whereas alternatives, such as bridges or dentures, may require full replacement at some point. Implants are, in fact, considered a permanent method of tooth replacement due to the foundation set through osseointegration. For their longevity, implants are considered a cost-effective solution to tooth loss.
  • Versatility. Because implants replace roots, not teeth, they can be used in a number of ways. It is as easy to replace multiple teeth as it is to replace a single tooth with implants.
  • Durability. We put our teeth through quite a bit when we bite and chew. Implants, due to their situation within the jawbone, are ideal for long term use.
  • Maintenance. The burden of maintenance and repair falls on the patient. Stabilized implants, and the restorations they hold, require no more care than do natural teeth. For this reason, patients find hygiene straightforward and quite simple.

Due to the importance of gum health and the role of this tissue in the longevity of implants, we encourage routine care that includes professional assessment and hygiene at least two times a year.
Personalized dental care is focused on you and your needs. Experience the benefits of our high level of service when you visit our Austin dental practice.

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