Using proven technology and equipment, we are able to provide our patients with the highest level of safety and efficacy in dental treatments.

Some of the technologies we incorporate into patient care include:

Digital Computer X-Rays

Compared to traditional x-ray imaging, digital computer imaging provides us with a clear view of the oral cavity while keeping our patients protected. Digital x-ray equipment emits less than 25% of the radiation put out by standard x-rays.

Using the Nomad handheld x-ray device, Dr. Cole increases portability and decreases scatter radiation.

Full-lead aprons with thyroid covers are used during patient x-rays, a practice we have always followed.

Galileos Cone Beam Imaging System

The Galileos cone beam imaging system uses CAT scan technology to collect volumetric data, which gives us the intricate details we need to adequately treat infected root canals, and plan for dental implant surgery. The Galileos guides the implant process, further improving the potential outcome of care.

Digital Photographs

Data gathering is an important step that requires the right tools. We use digital photography to collect the highest quality images of patients’ dentition. The resulting images are free of pixelation and distortion, which makes them easy to read and share with our patients.

Treatment technologies include:

  • High-speed hand-piece with four water ports to keep teeth cool throughout treatment.
  • Electrosurge (laser-like) cauterizing tool is used for gum recontouring and other cosmetic and restorative procedures.


Dr. Cole is thought of as highly by his peers as he is by his loyal "following." He is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and skilled provider
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