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Dr E. Griffin Cole Providing Safe and Effective Dental Care with Ozone Therapy from dentist in Austin

Dental care can be more pleasant with a dental team committed to non-invasive, biologically sound treatment protocols. Dr. Cole and his team operate from the philosophy that a healthy mouth is a vital part of optimal overall health. One of the ways we offer safe and effective dental care is with ozone therapy. Patients of our Austin dental practice treated with ozone quickly learn why it is so beneficial.
Cavities and gum disease are two of the most common problems treated by dentists today. Rather than addressing only the dental issue, your biological dentist seeks to identify and treat the root cause of the problem. Most often, bacteria caused the development of conditions like cavities and gum disease. Oral bacteria are a natural occurrence, thriving in the warm, moist oral environment where oxygen is minimal. Due to their natural tendencies, bacteria find it easy to thrive in small spaces and beneath the gums.
Several factors make the mouth an ideal environment for bacteria, one of which is acidity. Due to dietary choices many of us make, natural acidity tends to be elevated, setting the stage for plaque and thriving bacteria. The natural acidity of the mouth is also exacerbated by oral bacteria, which excrete an acidic by-product after feeding on sugars.

How ozone helps

Ozone improves oral health in various ways. When ozone, a natural form of energized oxygen, contacts bacteria and other pathogens, these harmful microorganisms are destroyed. Furthermore, acidic waste from oral bacteria is neutralized by ozone. Ozone treatment modifies the oral environment into one less inviting to harmful bacteria. In this modified environment, beneficial bacteria are encouraged to thrive and maintain the oral balance necessary for healthy teeth and gums. Although deep cleaning removes existing oral bacteria, it does nothing to neutralize the acidic environment of the mouth. To achieve long-term results, an adjunct treatment such as ozone is ideal.
An experienced biological dentist, Dr. Cole uses proven technologies that have been vetted through extensive study. Ozone treatment has a long history of stellar results, and offers our patients a viable solution to common dental problems.
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