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Though research on the health risks of dental amalgam has been going on for decades, many dental patients have only become aware of it in recent years. This has left many patients who had already received amalgam fillings before knowing the risks wondering what they should do. At the practice of E. Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD in Austin, TX, patients can rest assured that Austin’s leading biologic dentist will take every necessary precaution to ensure the safe removal of amalgam fillings.

The Need for Amalgam Filling Removal

Today, more dentists and patients alike are rejecting the use of mercury amalgam fillings because of the growing evidence of extensive health risks associated with their use. Though many dentists have stopped using dental amalgam in favor of safer alternatives, not all dentists agree on what to do with existing fillings. Due to the toxic nature of mercury, the removal of metal fillings is far from simple, and improper removal may pose even more significant risks than leaving these fillings in place. This is primarily why some dentists may hesitate to remove such fillings.

While it is true that an unqualified dentist should not remove amalgam fillings, this does not negate the effects of mercury on the health of patients when these fillings are left in the smile. When mercury is heated, it releases mercury vapors which are then absorbed by the body. The reality is that dental fillings become “heated” by basic daily activities such as chewing and even consuming hot foods and beverages, resulting in daily exposure to mercury vapors. The results of recent studies support the importance of removing existing mercury fillings as they indicate that removing amalgam fillings may lead to a reduction in health complaints.

In light of this information, at Dr. Cole’s office we haven’t settled for simply avoiding the use of amalgam fillings, though Dr. Cole is proud to say that he has never placed an amalgam filling in his twenty-five years as a dentist. At his practice, Dr. Cole goes beyond maintaining a mercury-free practice and agrees with many of his patients that the best decision for their health is to safely remove any existing amalgam fillings. In order to help his patients achieve smiles free of toxic materials, Dr. Cole became the first mercury-safe dentist in Texas to pursue the special training necessary to provide the safe removal of amalgam fillings to local residents.

Safe Amalgam Filling Removal

The IAOMT outlines a stringent safety protocol for the safe removal of metal fillings, and Dr. Cole is still one of the few dentists in Austin, TX who is certified to perform this safe removal process. The protocols prescribed by the IAOMT are called the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART), and they include:

  • Placement of a rubber dam
  • Specific protective gowns, masks, gloves, face shields, and other barriers
  • A high-volume air filtration system
  • An amalgam separator
  • External air/oxygen supply
  • Saliva ejector
  • High speed evacuation device
  • Use of an adsorbent slurry
  • Specific sectioning and removal of fillings
  • Proper disposal of mercury and mercury-contaminated materials
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For patients in Austin, TX who have become aware of the dangers of amalgam fillings and would like to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a mercury-free smile, the practice of Dr. Griffin Cole can provide the safe treatment that only comes from years of experience and training. Before searching for just any “safe amalgam removal dentist near me”, call (512) 472-3565 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cole and benefit from the expertise of a pioneering biologic dentist in Austin, TX who has been practicing mercury-safe dentistry for over 20 years.

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