Root canal treatment by your biological dentist in Austin, TX

Root canal treatment from biological dentist in Austin, TX

For many years, dentists have treated an infection in the center of a tooth with root canal therapy to save the tooth from further damage and the risk of losing it completely. Now that dentists have begun to use holistic treatments, many seek alternative procedures or adjust the procedure to make it safer for the patient.
Dr. Griffin Cole of Austin, TX, understands that the treatment does not always remove all the infection from inside the tooth. Simply put, it is difficult to completely clean the inside of the tooth because the tooth is made up of crevices and tubules that are nearly impossible to reach. When even the smallest amount of infection is left behind, it can grow and lead to persisting problems.

Biological root canals

Dr. Cole’s ultimate goal is to save a patient’s natural teeth. Therefore, he performs root canal treatment when he and the patient agree that it’s the best course of action. When Dr. Cole performs a root canal, he uses diagnostic planning for an accurate picture of the inside of the tooth and incorporates ozone irrigation and gas to ensure elimination of all bacteria (and viruses, fungi and spores)
Root canal treatments are not always the right answer, but they can help a dentist save a patient’s tooth. If you’re considering a root canal and want to discuss options that will consider the health of your mouth and your overall wellness, call the office of Dr. Griffin Cole.

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