Austin, TX, patients ask, “Where can I find a healthy root canal therapy procedure near me?”

Healthy root canal therapy procedure from dentist in Austin, TX

There are few words in dentistry that make a patient cringe as much as the phrase “root canal therapy procedure”. While it’s the infection in the tooth that causes the searing pain that necessitates the root canal, the procedure is used when the dentist feels there is no other way to save the natural tooth. Dr. Griffin Cole of Austin, TX, understands that many patients who have a deeply infected tooth often ask, “I’ve heard root canals are bad for me. Is there a dentist near me who performs safe root canals?”

Why are root canals needed?

Dentists use root canal therapy when the inside of the tooth is deeply infected. This can happen when a cavity goes undetected or untreated for too long. The infection that requires root canal therapy is in the pulp of the tooth, which contains the tooth’s nerve. The infection can also be caused by a faulty crown or a crack or chip in the tooth.

How root canals are performed

Traditionally, a root canal involves removing the infection by clearing out the tissue inside of the tooth. Then the tooth is cleaned, filled, and sealed. While root canal therapy is often successful, it is challenging (some would argue impossible) for dentists to completely clean the entire interior of a tooth. The infection can frequently hide in the nooks and crevices (up to 3 miles of dentinal tubules) of the tooth. Unfortunately, if any of the infection remains inside the tooth, it can grow and cause future problems.
When extraction of the tooth is not the best choice for the patient, root canal therapy may be the better option. Dr. Cole uses state of the art 3-dimensional diagnostic planning tools to get a better view of where the infection is within the tooth. He also irrigates the tooth with ozonated water and ozone gas to ensure that the infection is eliminated.
For more information about how advanced planning and ozone therapy can help improve root canals, call Dr. Griffin Cole.

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