Your Austin dentist can save your natural tooth with root canal therapy

Root Canal Procedure from dentist in Austin TX

Each year, millions of people undergo root canal therapy to save a damaged tooth. The root canal is one of the most commonly performed dental treatments today. Patients in the Austin area benefit from the personal care offered by Dr. E Griffin Cole.

The standard of care

The root canal procedure is typically performed in response to extensive tooth damage and infection. In some dental practices, the recommendation for root canal therapy may come a bit too soon. If tooth pain cannot be identified immediately and accurately, a dentist may recommend removing pulp tissue and the tooth’s nerve. Removing the nerve eliminates feeling in the tooth. Eliminating feeling is one thing. Getting to the root of the problem is another.
The proper diagnosis of any dental problem requires time and personal attention. In the office of Dr. Cole, time and personal attention are cornerstones of our high standard of excellence. Dr. Cole is a dentist who improves and guards the health and wellbeing of his patients. This means listening to each patient, thoroughly examining the problem at hand, and considering the underlying cause of discomfort.

Options for the treatment of infection

Dr. Cole does perform root canal therapy, albeit very selectively. If infection or a deep cavity exists in a tooth, the two options to consider are root canal therapy with ozone or extraction. The path taken is decided upon by the patient after discussion with Dr. Cole and consideration of recommendations.
When properly performed root canal therapy can be very beneficial. Care, however, should be based on the specific needs of the patient and nothing else. Call (512) 472-3565 to obtain personal attention for your smile.

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