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Dentist Austin, TX explains the process of root canal therapy

Dr. E. Griffin Cole is a dentist in Austin, TX who helps patients in understanding the process of achieving a healthy smile, while fully understanding the advantages of certain procedures such as root canal therapy.

Dr. E. Griffin Cole is a dentist in Austin, TX who helps patients in understanding the process of achieving a healthy smile, while fully understanding the advantages of certain procedures such as root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is one of several treatments that may be used to save a natural tooth from having to be extracted.

What is root canal therapy?

The process of root canal therapy can be easily explained by our dentist.

  •  Diagnostics. First, diagnostics must show that there is a need for root canal therapy. This can be done with an x-ray to check the health of a tooth. If the pulp is damaged, and the patient is informed of his/her options of saving the tooth or removing it, root canal therapy may be the solution.
  • Preparations. X-rays are evaluated, and the patient schedules his root canal treatment date. This may be done the same day if patients are experiencing severe toothaches and are unable to wait for an appointment on another day.
  • Procedure. The procedure begins after patients are properly anesthetized and sedated. The dentist uses specialized instruments which allow him to access the inner portiono of the tooth. The dental pulp is removed, and the canals are disinfected.  Dr. Cole feels ozone must be used in the process to provide the best opportunity for a successful result.
  • Filling. Once the area is cleaned, calcium hydroxide and special filling material is administered into the area to fill the tooth, and the tooth is sealed with composite resin.
  • Crown. Often, the dentist may place a dental crown over the tooth to offer an extra layer of protection against breakage.
  • Aftercare. Patients leave the office following their procedure with aftercare instructions from our team of professionals. Patients will be free from pain after they have had their root canal completed by Dr. E. Griffin Cole or his endodontic colleagues.

Who needs root canal therapy?

There are many situations that can arise in which root canal therapy may be considered. Abscesses can affect the tooth and require patients to consider root canal therapy. Injury to the natural tooth can infect the dental pulp, causing toothaches and extensive pain. At this point, many patients will be advised to think about using root canal therapy as the right treatment to save the tooth. Patients should know that there are arguments about whether root canal therapy is still a valid treatment.  Many believe that once a tooth is infected, the dentist can never fully clean out all the bacteria, thus leaving a “dead” bone in the body. If one does not incorporate ozone therapy into the root canal process, then this becomes very plausible; however, patients need to be fully informed and provided scientific evidence versus a doctor’s bias.  Our dentist will describe the process in detail so that the patient can make a truly informed decision.

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What is the alternative to root canal therapy?

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Unfortunately, as described above, the only other way to address a problem of an infected tooth is with extraction. However, this can create a gap in the smile that can only be addressed with a restorative solution such as a denture, bridge, or implant. It is best to avoid requiring a restoration, so root canal therapy is often the first choice for treatment. Patients who are evaluated by our team are encouraged to think about the advantages of using root canal therapy on an infected or damaged tooth prior to considering extraction, as there are many long-term implications and costs.

How long does root canal therapy take?

The procedure is done in a relatively short period of time, though patients who are having a dental crown made will have to return later as the restoration can take a few weeks to complete. The time frame from evaluation to completion is discussed, and patients can take this time to ask any questions they may have about this or other procedures recommended for improving the health of the smile and maintaining oral wellness over time.

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