Austin, TX, patients ask, “Where can I go to receive root canal treatment near me?”

Root Canal Procedure from dentist in Austin TX

For many years, dental patients have associated root canal treatment with pain, even though it is not the treatment that causes the pain, but rather the infection in the tooth. A root canal is not a perfect procedure, as the infection can hide in the tubules in the tooth.
Patients in Austin, TX, who are searching for a dentist “near me” that will fully explain the root canal process, the reason for the treatment and all the options turn to Dr. Griffin Cole. Dr. Cole is a trusted dentist who understands that every patient is different. He uses a combination of tried and true methods along with advanced technology to ensure that his patients receive the best possible care.
Dr. Cole believes that it is typically in patients’ best interests to keep natural teeth for as long as possible. While some have criticized root canals and questioned their effectiveness, these critics always fail to mention how ozone therapy offers a biological root canal very different from traditional root canals. Although not all teeth can be saved with root canal therapy, and in some cases, removal of the tooth is the right treatment choice, Dr. Cole knows that each person needs individualized options. In addition to Dr. Cole’s 24 years of experience, he also utilizes 3D cone beam scan analysis to fully evaluate teeth in need of root canal therapy and/or old root canals that may be failing.

When is a root canal performed?

A root canal is performed when:

  • A cavity goes undetected or untreated for a long time and has reached the pulpal tissue
  • The tooth is damaged from an accident or trauma to the mouth

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a procedure that removes damaged pulp from the interior of the tooth. In addition to removing the visible infection, Dr. Cole improves his root canal procedures by using precision digital radiography to better identify potential problem areas and uses ozone-infused water to rinse the canals of the tooth and ozone gas to sterilize the miles of infected tubules that reside inside the tooth. These three steps help ensure that there is no infection left within the tooth. Without those extra steps, infection can remain hidden in the tubules of the tooth and can cause the infection to resurface.
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