Treatment for periodontal disease in Austin considers whole-body health

Treatment for periodontal disease from dentist in Austin

Although you have most likely been told that you should be careful what you eat and drink, chances are you have not been asked about your diet. In our biological dental office, we consider it one of our primary responsibilities to get to know each patient; his or her lifestyle habits and medical history, as both affect oral health.
Periodontal disease is one example of how systemic health and oral health are bi-directional. Significant amounts of data demonstrate the ill-effects poor oral health has on the body. When you visit our Austin dental practice, the care you receive will develop from this holistic perspective.
Treating gum disease in relation to systemic health may sound complex. Recognizing disease as an effect of imbalance in the body’s natural chemistry, however, Dr. Cole has the knowledge to assist you in regaining better oral health. One of the key factors in treating gum disease successfully is destroying existing bacteria present in the gums. A second important aspect of ongoing care is to maintain a healthier, less acidic oral environment.
Many conventional therapies for periodontal disease only address oral bacteria. However, if the acidity of the mouth and the body are not addressed, imbalanced chemistry will allow pathogens to continue their attacks.
Gum therapy may involve routine cleanings two or more times a year. Additionally, our patients benefit from our use of ozone in the treatment of oral disease. Ozone is one of the most powerful and safe antibacterial agents in existence. Its effect on unhealthy microorganisms is immediate, increasing the effectiveness of follow up care with nutrition and supplementation.
The destruction of bacteria is only the first step in fighting gum disease. Based on your oral and medical history, lifestyle, and dietary habits, Dr. Cole will also discuss how you may improve chemistry to support optimal oral and general health for your lifetime.
We are proud to support patients throughout the Austin area in their oral health goals. Contact our office today for your private consultation.

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