Root canal therapy performed by your Austin biological dentist

Root canal therapy with ozone performed by Austin biological dentist

Root canal therapy is a procedure that most people would like to avoid. One of the primary reasons that this therapeutic treatment is recommended is a slip in routine oral care. We understand that oral hygiene is not typically lacking because a person does not care about their teeth or their oral health, but more likely because they are very limited on time and have not found a dentist who provides the level of care that encourages them to remain consistent. Another reason that many root canal procedures are performed is inaccuracy in the initial diagnosis.

One of the factors of our practice that sets us apart is our commitment to individual care. When patients visit us to address dental concerns, they are treated with personal attention. Root canal therapy is discussed only in select cases and after a proper diagnosis has been reached through careful examination. Additionally, alternatives to root canal therapy are considered and discussed before the commencement of treatment in our Austin practice.

An alternative approach to health and wellness

The goal of root canal therapy is to eliminate infection. Infection in the deepest part of a tooth stems from bacteria. Research has shown that as much as 400 percent more bacteria exist in the surrounding tissues of an infected tooth than in the pulp tissue itself. For this reason, root canal therapy should be performed strategically.

Bacteria are microorganisms that can live not only in the area of infection but also in the tubules that extend from the root of a tooth. In instances when the root is removed and the canal is “sterilized” with a caustic chemical solution, the extent of cleansing is very limited. Liquid simply cannot travel through the length of dentinal tubules. As such, the sealed canal becomes a haven for bacteria that remain long after treatment.

In the limited cases for which root canal therapy is truly necessary, Dr. Cole approaches the disinfection of the root canal with ozone, a powerful, natural disinfectant. The infected tooth is treated with both ozonated water and ozone gas, which permeates the tiny tubules. Ozone in root canal therapy leads to long-term success.

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