Oxygen ozone a beneficial therapy for diseased teeth in our Austin office

Oxygen Ozone Therapy for Teeth from dentist in Austin

The importance of oral health as it relates to general health is something which most people have become familiar. At the same time, there are certain antiquated dental techniques that perpetuate problems in modern society. Dr. Griffin Cole is a highly conservative dentist who seeks to minimize the long-term, far-reaching ramifications of dental disease with early care. In many cases, the early detection of dental problems may be treated with oxygen ozone therapy. For teeth that have been severely damaged or have been treated with root canal therapy, treatment in our Austin practice may require a bit more planning.

One of the more primitive methods of handling dental disease is to “drill and fill” without the proper planning for long term functionality. Teeth are some of the most complex structures in the human body, composed of several layers of material to form numerous arches. These arches are intended for the proper distribution of force across each individual tooth. Nature takes years to adequately form each tooth. Your dentist should take time, as well, in restoring optimal structure in the face of disease.

How ozone therapy minimizes the invasiveness of dental care

Ozone is a form of oxygen that is naturally found in the environment. Many people feel concerned when atmospheric ozone levels rise as this often precedes minor illness or allergies. However, it is not ozone that instigates any decline in health; but pollution. Ozone is, in fact, present in the environment as a natural cleanser.

In the oral environment, disease may stem from bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other pathogens; all of which can be destroyed by ozone. The precise application of “excited” oxygen often allows us to treat damage without having to unnecessarily drill away natural tooth matter. When introduced into the body, ozone stimulates a reaction in which reactive oxygen species are produced. Diseased cells have no natural defense to such oxygenation and die off quickly after contact.

Root canal therapy, even with the inclusion of ozone, is performed on a selective basis and only after a thorough investigation into the cause of disease, potential for re-infection in the future, and consideration of alternative treatments.

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