Choosing the right dentist in Austin TX for safe mercury removal

Dr E. Griffin Cole Providing safe mercury removal

If you want to replace old amalgam fillings, you might be looking for a mercury free dentist. Many people are unaware of the risks associated with amalgam removal, or the precautions needed to prevent mercury exposure. You need more than just mercury free. You need a mercury safe dentist. Dr. Griffin Cole is an IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), Master and a leader in biocompatible dentistry in Austin, TX.

Why mercury safe matters

The traditional method of removing a dental filling is to simply drill it out. Drilling creates heat and grinds the substance to fine particles. When amalgam is heated, it releases high levels of mercury vapor.

What happens when an amalgam filling is drilled out using the traditional methods with no special safeguards?

  • The patient and dental staff are breathing air laden with mercury vapor and dust.
  • Larger particles adhere to soft tissues in the patient’s mouth, causing contact exposure to mercury.
  • Some particles mix with saliva, and are swallowed by the patient.
  • Often, wastewater from the procedure is released into public treatment plants with little to no filtering.
  • Mercury vapor in the air escapes into the environment

Our comprehensive amalgam removal protocol

Dr. Cole takes extensive steps to protect our patients, our dental team, and the planet. He utilizes a specific protocol, which includes:

  • The filling is removed in chunks rather than grinding
  • The use of an amalgam separator
  • In room ventilation and air filtration
  • The patient is provided a source of clean air
  • Patient is provided with a nontoxic absorbent to prevent inadvertent digestion of mercury
  • The patient’s head and body is covered, and a dental dam protects tissues in the mouth

If you want to replace your amalgam fillings, call our office at (512) 472-3565 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cole. You can also watch the video featuring Dr. Cole performing the safe removal at

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