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Dr. E. Griffin Cole is a dentist who provides mercury-safe dentistry for patients in and around the area of Austin, TX. His practice is dedicated to ensuring that all materials used in the smile are safe and compatible. This is incredibly important to ensure overall health and wellness. Patients who are in the area and are seeking comprehensive dental care are welcome to learn about mercury-safe dentistry.

What is mercury-free and mercury-safe dentistry?

Mercury-free dentistry is the use of materials that are free from mercury. Mercury is a substance found in silver amalgam fillings that is harmful to the body. Many dentists use silver amalgam fillings in the smile when treating areas of decay. This is not the most desirable way to address cavities. Instead, it is putting the smile at risk as well as the patient as a whole, as mercury toxicity is a real concern with these types of fillings. Mercury toxicity can result in a chain of problems. This is where working with a mercury-free dental practice is incredibly important.

Dr. E. Griffin Cole ensures that the materials used in the smile are appropriate. Not only does he place composite resin fillings instead of silver amalgam, he is also a mercury-safe dentist and provides safe removal of amalgam fillings in accordance with the standards set by the IAOMT. Mercury-safe dentistry is incredibly important in addressing mercury fillings when they need to be removed.

How are silver amalgam fillings removed?

Dr. E. Griffin Cole is a mercury-safe dentist who ensures that the removal of silver amalgam fillings is done safely using the exacting standards set forth by the IAOMT. This organization lays out safety protocols that can be used by dental offices to ensure the safety of everyone in the room during the removal and replacement of silver amalgam fillings. This includes proper protection for the patient, dentist, and staff. All of this reduces the exposure to mercury for overall safety and to avoid the side effects of exposure. In most cases, the mercury fillings are removed in large pieces to reduce the amount of toxins released. It is essential that everyone is protected during this procedure.

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What is used instead of silver amalgam fillings?

Instead of using mercury-laden silver amalgam fillings, our team of professionals encourage patients to consider the advantages of composite resin fillings. Composite resin is a material that does not contain mercury and is completely safe to use within the smile. Our professionals highly recommend composite resin because it has several advantages over traditional amalgam fillings.

What is the benefit of placing composite resin for fillings?

Composite resin is:

  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Aesthetic
  • Safe

What can I expect with composite resin fillings?

Dr. E. Griffin Cole, patients have the ability to achieve a healthy smileComposite resin fillings are highly recommended because they are safe and effective at addressing areas of decay. These fillings are tooth-colored and when placed, they look like the natural tooth structure. They blend in beautifully for a cosmetic look. Additionally, unlike silver amalgam fillings, these fillings do not expand and contract to the degree amalgam fillings do. This means that they seal tighter than silver amalgam fillings, leaving no chance for bacteria to reenter the inside of the tooth. Bacteria that enters into the tooth can cause an infection which ultimately may require root canal therapy to address. This is a more invasive treatment that may need to be done to save a natural tooth once infection has occurred.

During the placement of composite resin fillings, the tooth is prepared by removing the area of decay. Once the decay has been removed, the composite resin material is placed inside the tooth. It is a clay-like material that is shaped, placed, and hardened with a special light before it is filed down and polished.

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At the practice of Dr. E. Griffin Cole, patients have the ability to achieve a healthy smile with today’s innovative, mercury-safe solutions. Our dentist is here to help in addressing common dental concerns. Contact the office to book your appointment by calling (512) 472-3565 and visit the office at 1301 West 25th Street, Suite 402.

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