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Dr. Cole’s goal is to help each of his patients enjoy lasting oral health and a beautiful smile. Dental problems such as decay, disease, and infection all lead to discomfort and more. People who have experienced troublesome dental conditions have found out very quickly just how pivotal oral health is to quality of life. Even a single day with a toothache is too much.
As important as it is to repair tooth damage when it occurs, a mercury safe dentist such as Dr. Cole also places a great deal of importance on the methods and materials used in his Austin practice. Mercury-safety pertains to the proper handling of amalgam dental fillings, which contain mercury. Though the dental amalgam material has been widely used for more than 150 years, a number of concerns regarding its safety and efficacy have been brought to light.

The problem with mercury

Mercury is a natural element that has been identified as highly toxic. The ways in which mercury can affect the body are many, and they are concerning. Mercury is classified as a neurotoxin, which means it is damaging to tissue. This tissue includes the brain. People who are adversely affected by exposure to a neurotoxin may find it difficult to remember things or to concentrate. Behavioral changes have been noted in animals exposed to mercury via soil and other pathways, and many people unduly exposed through foods or amalgam fillings, experience behavioral symptoms such as depression or fatigue.

What does it mean to be mercury safe?

Mercury safety is the total avoidance of mercury-laden materials. Dr. Cole is proud of his history of mercury safety in this way, and he has not placed a single mercury amalgam filling in all of his years of private practice. As noted in mercury treaty sessions held in the past few years, the fact that alternative materials for tooth repair exist negates the necessity for dental amalgam now.
Safety in the handling of mercury goes beyond being mercury-free. Dr. Cole also practices safe mercury amalgam removal using the most specific technique to be developed. Patients who visit our Austin dental practice can feel confident that their health and wellbeing are our priority and that existing fillings can be removed using the safest known protocol.
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