Are mercury fillings safe? Austin, TX, dentist answers

Dr E. Griffin Cole Are mercury fillings safe? Austin, TX, dentist answers

Studies have shown a link between the health of the mouth and the health of the body. Dentists are using this knowledge to better serve their patients with a commitment to using only safe materials and procedures. One of the most studied links between the mouth and the body is the potential effects of mercury fillings. Many Austin TX patients ask about these studies and wonder if their own filings are safe.

While mercury has been used in amalgam fillings for much of dental history, concerns have been raised over its risks. Mercury has been linked to urinary, digestive, respiratory, neurological, and autoimmune conditions. While much of the risk is attributed to higher amounts of mercury found in seafood, mercury fillings are a risk because of the long-term exposure. Studies have shown that the risk is increased when the mercury is heated through activities such as chewing and brushing the teeth.

Dr. Griffin Cole is committed to using metal-free fillings in his Austin, TX, practice. Furthermore, Dr. Cole is skilled in the removal of existing mercury fillings. In some cases, a filling will need to be removed because it is cracking or pulling away from the tooth. Other times, patients are concerned about the health risk of mercury exposure. Regardless of the reason for removal, Dr. Cole follows a specific process to ensure that the patient and dental team are protected from mercury exposure. The process includes cooling the filling to reduce the concentration of released vapors, using rubber dams to isolate the tooth and ensure that the patient doesn’t swallow the particulates, and using strong suction. Once the filling has been safely removed, Dr. Cole disposes it in an environmentally safe manner.

To learn more about safe, tooth-colored fillings, call Dr. Griffin Cole’s office today to schedule a consultation.

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