Austin, TX, dentist explains what happens when patients need fillings for their teeth

Teeth fillings from dentist in Austin, TX

Most dental patients know that brushing and flossing are necessary to avoid cavities and gum disease. However, even with the most meticulous brushing, tooth decay can still occur. When teeth get cavities, they must be filled. The dental fillings prevent the decay from continuing to grow, and they restore strength to the teeth. Dr. Griffin Cole of Austin, TX, has filled countless cavities to restore the oral health of his patients.

How do cavities occur?

Many people believe that cavities are caused by not brushing your teeth or eating too much sugar. While these are habits you must address, it is more complex. Essentially, the mouth is full of bacteria, which thrive on sugars and release acids. The acidity causes cavities to form.

Why do cavities need to be filled?

Many people don’t notice the cavity until their dentist spots it during a routine checkup using a specific dental tool that tests the durability of the enamel or through an x-ray. Patients may be surprised to learn about the cavity if they haven’t felt pain. They may also be tempted to avoid treatment until it begins to cause discomfort. Dr. Cole urges patients to address the cavity immediately, as a filling is the only way to keep the decay from growing. If the decay grows, it could cause further damage to the interior of the tooth, which could lead to needing a root canal or extraction.

The dental filling process

dental filling is a simple procedure that includes removing the decay with a dental drill. When the decay has been removed, the dentist will fill the resulting hole. Dr. Cole uses tooth-colored composite filling material because it is safer and more aesthetically appealing than the metal alternative.
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