Implant treatment performed by your dentist in Austin with specific goals in mind

Implant treatment from expert dentist in Austin, TX

Tooth loss poses a significant concern. Historically, missing teeth have been replaced with bridgework or dentures. However, advances in dental technologies have made it possible to achieve the ultimate in restorative care with dental implant treatment. Performed by dentist E. Griffin Cole in Austin, the tooth replacement procedure can restore exceptional functionality and beauty to the smile. If you require tooth replacement, implant dentistry offers clear benefits such as:

  • Chewing function is restored to a natural level. Our ability to chew is a vital part of the digestive process. Proper chewing function breaks larger pieces of food down into small, easily digestible particles. Without a thorough breakdown, the digestive system is subjected to undue stress that may lead to stomach upset and other problems. Tooth loss may also lead you to favor one side of the mouth over the other. Consequently, the joints are unduly stressed and they may become irritated, causing symptoms such as facial pain, chronic headaches, and more.
  • Restoring the most natural oral structure results in an authentic look and feel. Teeth are beneficial to one another, to the jawbone, and to the face as a whole. If permanent teeth and their roots are not adequately replaced, we see consequences over time. The loss of vital bone structure leaves the face without proper support and, as a result, the cheeks and lips may sink inward.

Dental implants are individual prosthetics developed to take the place of natural roots after tooth loss. As posts of biocompatible material become fused into bone tissue, the structure that nature created is very closely replicated. Like natural roots, implants benefit tooth stability as well as bone retention in the jaw.
Dr. Cole is dedicated to optimal results that promote health and quality of life. Tooth loss is a situation that is handled with consideration to immediate and long term goals. Dental implants are not ideal in every situation. It is our intent for you to trust in the process recommended for you. We are happy to answer any questions you have about proposed treatment.
To learn more about dental implants and other options for tooth replacement, call (512) 472-3565.

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