Holistic dentist and Mercury free dental fillings in Austin

Dr E. Griffin Cole Providing Holistic dentist and Mercury free dental fillings in Austin

Austin holistic dentist, Dr. E. Griffin Cole, does not simply treat teeth. He treats people. With biologically-friendly materials such as mercury-free dental fillings, and strict protocols to avoid harmful impact on the body, his style of dentistry safeguards overall wellness.

Oral-systemic connection

The mouth is part of the body, just like your hand or your brain. Yet throughout modern dentistry, it has been treated as a separate entity. Problems with teeth and gums influence comfort, digestion, health, speech, and self-confidence. Medications and therapies also have an impact on the teeth and gums.
Today we have a much better comprehension of the oral-systemic connection. Enlightened medical professionals and patients understand that anything that goes into the mouth has a potentially negative or positive effect on the body.

Mercury-free dental fillings – a personal choice

Mercury-free treatment is a core principle for any ethical holistic dentist. Amalgam fillings contain mercury, a known neurotoxin. Holistic dentists do not place mercury fillings. In addition, Dr. Cole’s practice is mercury-safe. That means he is trained in the IAOMT protocol for safe removal of amalgam – a technique that protects the patient and dental staff from contact with mercury vapor or particulate matter. In fact, Dr. Cole is the featured dentist in all the protocol videos.

Savvy people from the Austin area and far beyond are seeking Dr. Cole’s expertise in the removal of amalgam fillings. They know that having amalgam simply ground out with conventional methods can cause more harm than good.

Having amalgam fillings removed is a personal choice. Here are some points to consider:

  • Are you unhappy with the appearance of silver-colored fillings in your smile?
  • Do you have problems with filled teeth cracking or mouth pain in those areas?
  • Do you have symptoms of chronic mercury exposure? (Please talk with Dr. Cole, if you aren’t sure what they are.)
  • Do you like the idea of biologically-friendly materials in your mouth?
  • Are you concerned about waste mercury in the environment?
  • Do you want amalgam removed correctly and safely?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, call (512) 472-3565 to schedule an exam and consultation with Dr. Cole.

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Dr. Griffin Cole has been awarded with Austin Premier Doctor Award 2019

Dr. Cole is thought of as highly by his peers as he is by his loyal "following." He is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and skilled provider
... and knows exactly when, and where, to refer you for specialized procedures. I've had lots of dental care, and I ALWAYS look forward to
seeing Dr. Cole and his sweet staff. Look no further, they are simply the best in Austin!
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