Gum disease and Ozone therapy dental treatment Austin

Gum disease and Ozone therapy dental treatment from dentist in Austin

Do you think you might have gum disease? Maybe your significant other turns away from a kiss, you have a bad taste in your mouth, or the sink is pink when you brush. Have you avoided treatment because you heard horror stories of aggressive scaling and root planing or periodontal flap surgery? Austin holistic dentist, Dr. E. Griffin Cole, suggests a gentler yet effective approach – ozone therapy. Dental treatment of this type gets gum disease under control and helps to restore periodontal health.

Understanding periodontitis

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition caused by the destructive presence of microorganisms. Oral bacteria cause periodontal pockets where gum tissue has loosened from teeth, and gingival recession (receding gums). Eventually the disease attacks the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone. Teeth become loose and fall out or require extraction. Meanwhile, pathogenic bacteria are released into the bloodstream potentially causing a range of serious systemic ailments.

Ozone therapy for gum disease

The first step in controlling the condition is eliminating bacteria, but they have natural defenses. To avoid eradication, bacteria adhere to hard and soft oral surfaces in a protective film of plaque. Mechanical removal – brushing and flossing, and professional dental cleaning – is an important first step.
Topical and oral antibiotics have infection fighting abilities. Yet only ozone therapy addresses these issues without harsh chemicals or drugs. 
Applied as a gas, ozonated water, or ozonated oil, ozone:

  • Inhibits bacteria’s ability to stick to teeth and root surfaces, as well as gum tissue.
  • Has an anti-microbial effect. Ozone’s oxidative properties damage cell membranes of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, destroying them. Because healthy human cell structure has an antioxidative facility, normal tissues are not harmed.
  • Is an immunostimulator. It stimulates the body’s natural immune defenses that reduce inflammation and aid in wound healing.
  • Is antihypoxic. That means ozone improves the body’s ability to transport oxygen in blood. This increases metabolism of inflamed tissues for faster regeneration.

Ozone treatment for gum disease is painless and conservative. Schedule a hygiene appointment with Dr. Cole to learn more. Call (512) 472-3565 in Austin, TX.

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