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In a time when we are all seeking a healthier lifestyle, many people continue to neglect their oral health. If you are among them, you might be thinking about your packed schedule, or maybe about that painful extraction in childhood. What you may not know is that dentistry has come a long way in recent years.

Advanced technology and scientific knowledge combine to make general dentistry safer, faster, more convenient, and more comfortable than ever. Dr. Griffin Cole is dedicated to bringing the most innovative and effective biocompatible dental treatments to the people of Travis County, TX.

Biocompatible materials

Sadly, we cannot say that the era of amalgam has ended, as it is still used daily in many dental offices. Our practice is of course not among them! Dr. Cole uses materials that are not only metal free, but also biocompatible and beautiful.

Ozone therapy

We use ozone, which is a safe and natural way to kill fungus, bacteria, and other infective agents. Unlike antibiotics, it is virtually free of potential side effects and the benefits are instant.

Cone beam scanning

How can a two-dimensional X-ray image accurately depict a three-dimensional bone structure? The answer is that it can’t. That is why Dr. Cole uses three-dimensional cone beam scanning for accurate diagnostics and precision treatment planning.

Dental implants

Historically, dentistry failed to provide an adequate replacement for natural teeth. That is, until the advent of the dental implant. It is the only restorative solution that replaces the tooth root, thereby recreating the anatomy of a living tooth. Like an actual root, it keeps the bone healthy and provides optimal stability.

You deserve to enjoy the best that modern dentistry has to offer, and we are dedicated to delivering just that. Call us at (512) 472-3565 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Cole today.

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