General dentistry with a holistic perspective benefits patients near Rollingwood, TX

General dentistry with a holistic perspective in Rollingwood, TX

In the western world, the approach taken to health care tends to be more a disease-care model. We get sick or develop a dental problem, and our health care provider treats our ailment. In the Austin dental office of Dr. Griffin Cole, we believe that more can be done to prevent problems. To us, general dentistry means taking the time to get to know each patient who visits our office near Rollingwood, TX. From this standard of care, we can develop a dental protocol to meet your individual needs.

It is easy to say that biological dentistry sees the big picture, but what does that really mean?

Dr. Cole is a general dentist who continued his education after dental school. He has a degree in Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine and is a board-certified Naturopathic Medical Doctor. His additional training enhances the dental care our patients receive, allowing them to receive conservative treatments. For instance, in a general dental office, the only treatment offered for infection may be root canal therapy. By taking a holistic approach and implementing biological principles, Dr. Cole may perform ozone treatment to eliminate infection before rebuilding the tooth with a metal-free onlay or crown.
Biological dentistry, or holistic dentistry, focuses more on the natural structure and tendencies of the mouth and body than on mechanics (drilling and filling decayed teeth). It is the practice of managing oral health consciously and mindfully. Even before receiving his advanced degrees, Dr. Cole realized that the mouth was integral to general health. With his integrative approach to care, he provides treatments that enhance health rather than place stress on the body.

Dental care can affect your health

One of the important factors recognized by holistic dentists is the effect that dental materials have on the body. Biocompatibility is crucial for long-term results from tooth repair. Some restorations have been thought ideal, such as amalgam fillings, due to their perceived durability. Practicality has demonstrated that initial beliefs can be very wrong. In the case of dental amalgam, research has not only identified shortcomings in structural soundness, but also very real risks due to the presence of mercury.
We believe that dental care should promote health and longevity. To experience the benefits of integrative dental care, call (512) 472-3565.

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