Family dentistry and Cosmetic treatments for teeth in Austin, TX

Dr E. Griffin Cole Providing Family Dentistry

In its broadest sense, family dentistry means that patients of all ages receive most care they are likely to need at one practice. At E. Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD in Austin, TX it means much more. Those treatments are performed using the safest available dental materials and techniques. Multiple family members can be scheduled the same day for convenience. The service menu includes holistic general dentistry, as well as cosmetic teeth and other aesthetic enhancements.

What are cosmetic teeth?

The term “cosmetic” signifies something intended to restore or improve appearance. Thus, “cosmetic teeth” refers to smiles that have been enhanced through dentistry. Dr. Cole provides a broad range of services to accomplish this:

  • Teeth whitening – Safe, in-office whitening; convenient take-home trays; or a combination plan to keep your smile sparkling.
  • Dental bonding – Moldable composite resin compounds are extremely versatile. Dr. Cole uses bonding to close gaps, hide enamel flaws, and improve the size and shape of teeth. This procedure usually requires no numbing, and can be completed in one appointment.
  • Safe amalgam removal – As an IAOMT “SMART-certified” dentist, Dr. Cole is trained in safe techniques for removal of silver-colored amalgam fillings (which contain mercury). They are replaced with cosmetic fillings that blend seamlessly.
  • Metal-free crowns, bridges, and dental implants – Modern dental ceramics are extremely strong and durable. That means there is no dark core or line at the gum – just a natural-looking restoration.
  • Porcelain veneers – This premier cosmetic dentistry treatment brings beautiful uniformity to the smile.

Your unique smile makeover

In Dr. Cole’s care, your smile transformation is not like anyone else’s. As your family dentist, he has an excellent grasp of your dental history, medical background, and hereditary traits that may be factors in treatment. Every cosmetic procedure begins with an unhurried discussion of what you’d like to accomplish for your smile. He patiently explains treatment options so that, together, you arrive at the most beneficial plan – one that fits you and your lifestyle.

At E. Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD, the convenience of family dentistry pairs well with cosmetic teeth that look stunning. Call (512) 472-3565 to schedule a consultation at our Austin, TX office.

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