Why dentistry services for cavities with your biological dentist in Austin, TX may include ozone

Dr E. Griffin Cole Describing Why dentistry services for cavities

Growing up, most of us believed that sugar caused cavities. While there is some truth to this statement, it is not as simple as it may seem. Contrary to what many of us thought growing up, the real culprit to oral health is acid, not sugar. The reason sugar is associated with cavities is this substance is the food of choice for oral bacteria. Tiny living organisms eat sugar residue and create an acidic byproduct. The acid secreted by bacteria gradually dissolves tooth enamel, creating a hole, or cavity. The formation of a cavity provides shelter for bacteria, allowing the accelerated breakdown of softer dental tissues beneath the enamel.

Cavities are essentially small areas of infection. To date, the most effective approach to cavity repair has been to remove damaged tooth material by drilling it away. The problem with the current standard of care in general dentistry is that more tooth structure is typically removed than is necessary. This excessive removal is to facilitate retention of mercury amalgam fillings.

Biological dentistry services in Austin, TX use ozone for specific benefit

Dr. Griffin Cole is focused on helping each of his patients retain healthy, beautiful teeth. This means natural tooth structure is preserved as much as possible and the most effective, proven techniques and materials are used. One of the most remarkable treatments available in our biological dental office is ozone, which can be used to treat cavities as well as a number of other concerns.

Ozone is created naturally in the environment when lightning strikes. In the biological dental practice, ozone is created by charging medical grade oxygen. The pathogen-destroying capabilities of ozone are outstanding, which is why this substance is ideal for use in dentistry. Ozone is gentle on tissues and causes no allergic response because it is a derivative of oxygen. Ozone kills the aggressive, tooth-destroying bacteria that live in the mouth.

Ozone may be incorporated into dental treatment in various forms, chosen carefully by Dr. Cole to achieve the desired effect. For the treatment of cavities, ozone is applied directly to the tooth before the cavity is filled with a biocompatible tooth-colored restoration.

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