Austin, Texas dentist explains how holistic and cosmetic dentistry co-exist

Texas explains how holistic and cosmetic dentistry co-exist

Once, a trusted general practitioner provided a full range of medical care for all members of the family. Now, our healthcare landscape has evolved into a series of specialists for virtually every condition. You may feel that the same is true of dentistry, but it is not true at E. Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Cole provides services that promote oral health and overall wellness, but you won’t be referred out for cosmetic smile enhancement. Top level care is available at one convenient stop in Austin, Texas.

Holistic health

Merriam-Webster tells us that “holistic” means understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. So, in a dental context, holistic care treats the entire person, not just a symptom, problem tooth, or a mouth. The impact on all other areas of the body is considered with each material and technique utilized. Holistic dentistry also considers the influence of oral health on the patient’s emotional well-being. That’s where the cosmetic element comes into play.

Stunning smiles

Technically, cosmetic dentistry is any treatment intended solely to enhance the appearance of the mouth and face. As an experienced holistic dentist, Dr. Cole knows that nearly every dental procedure has the potential to improve smile aesthetics. Teeth whitening and porcelain veneers are obviously cosmetic dentistry services, but you may not have considered the visual effect of:

  • No-show fillings – Conventional amalgam fillings contain mercury. Their silver color also stands out noticeably. Mercury-free composite resin fillings repair tooth decay and blend beautifully with natural dentition.
  • Healthy gums – Periodontal disease leaves gums puffy and discolored, teeth stained, and roots exposed. Eventually, there are crooked and missing teeth. With effective treatment for gum disease you can have vital, coral-pink gums and more attractive teeth.
  • Replacement teeth – Even one missing tooth spoils the symmetry of your smile. The gap also lets neighboring teeth shift out of position, developing stains and cavities at the overlaps. Dental implants or crown and bridge units replace missing teeth to maintain appearance and restore chewing function.

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