The benefits of seeing your dentist in Austin for mercury and metal free restorations

Dr E. Griffin Cole PExplaining The benefits of seeing your dentist in Austin for mercury and metal free restorations

The amalgam dental filling has been one of the most common restorations performed by dentists around the world. Dental amalgam has been in use so long that most people have simply accepted this material as safe and effective. More and more, we are discovering what biological dentists have been saying for years is true: dental amalgam poses health risks.

The primary risk of filling cavities with dental amalgam is the potential for mercury poisoning. Half of each amalgam filling is mercury, and mercury has been identified for its highly toxic properties. When mercury within amalgam becomes heated, as occurs with chewing, toxic vapors are released into the mouth and absorbed into the blood.

Dr. Griffin Cole is a dentist in Austin who has used mercury free and metal free restorations since the beginning of his career. Ensuring that we continually act in the best interest of our patients is important to us, and we provide mercury free dentistry as a component of effective biological care. As an alternative to amalgam dental fillings, patients may consider tooth-colored composite resin fillings to repair tooth damage.

Beyond the obvious health benefits, there are several additional advantages to repairing teeth with composite filling material. With mercury-free, metal-free material, the risk of sensitivity or allergic reaction is significantly decreased. Due to the ability to color-match composite resin to natural tooth structure, composite dental fillings are far more attractive than those made with amalgam. Without dark spots in teeth, our patients are free to smile, laugh, and speak with confidence.

For many years, amalgam fillings have been described as strong and long lasting. What research has discovered, however, is that these fillings, over time, have a tendency to cause further tooth damage in the form of fractures. Amalgam is a metallic substance. Metals expand and contract in response to temperature changes. Composite resin, on the other hand, contains no metal and acts very similarly to natural tooth enamel when exposed to heat and cold.

The benefits of mercury and metal free restorations are clear. To restore form and function to teeth in a safe, healthy way, contact our Austin dental office at (512) 472-3565.

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