Why porcelain is the chosen material for dental veneers in our Austin practice

Dr E. Griffin Cole Describing Why porcelain is the chosen material for dental veneers in our Austin practice

Veneer treatment is one of the quickest, most conservative ways dentists help their patients improve the appearance of their smiles. Many objects can be veneered, as a veneer is simply an attractive covering. In the dental office, veneers are made from outstanding materials such as porcelain. The intent of treatment is to enhance the appearance of the smile while preserving natural characteristics. Patients of our Austin practice enjoy a number of benefits from veneer treatment.

The capabilities of veneers are diverse. In this treatment process, imperfections such as chips and cracks can be disguised, and gaps can be “closed” by proportionately expanding the teeth on each side with veneers. In some cases, it is even possible to make a turned tooth appear straight using a carefully designed veneer. Whether a small concern or a full smile makeover, veneers can provide discerning dental patients with the outcome they desire. The key is to combine extensive experience and artistic ability with the right material.

The primary reason dentists like Dr. Cole prefer porcelain over composite resin is appearance. Composite resin, once hardened on enamel, becomes opaque. When you look at your natural teeth, they are translucent near the tips. Opacity is only noticed near the top, dense part of the tooth. To make the tip of a tooth or teeth opaque would mean covering its natural characteristic.

Porcelain veneers are not only translucent but are also extremely thin so that, even on top of natural tooth material, translucency is retained. This type of veneer mimics natural enamel in its multifaceted color and refraction of light.

Your smile is pivotal to your sense of confidence and to your overall feeling of wellbeing. In addition to care geared toward oral health, our team understands the importance of beauty in the smile. Dr. Cole has maintained his high standards of excellence throughout more than twenty years of patient care. Each patient’s individuality is considered during cosmetic dental treatment so the result achieved looks completely natural in relation to other facial features.

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