Understanding crown and bridges for damaged and missing teeth in Austin

Crown and bridges for damaged and missing teeth from dentist in Austin

Perhaps a foul ball caught you off guard at your son’s baseball game or maybe a cavity went unnoticed, and untreated, for too long. Regardless of the reason, having a tooth that is damaged, or missing a tooth, is no fun and needs to be addressed quickly. Dr. E. Griffin Cole helps patients in the Austin, TX region find the right treatment option.
When a tooth is damaged, Dr. Cole knows that you want the tooth repaired in a way that makes it appear exactly like it did before. He also knows that it is important to fix the tooth quickly because it protects the tooth from further damage, which could ultimately cause the patient to lose the entire tooth. Using dental crowns made of porcelain or, in rare cases, gold, Dr. Cole can cover the exposed surfaces of a damaged tooth.
Placing a crown is an easy process that only requires two dental visits. At your first visit, Dr. Cole will carefully look at the damaged tooth and take x-rays to provide a better look at its roots and surrounding bone and tissue. At this appointment, your tooth will be prepared for the crown. Depending on your situation, this can mean shaping the tooth to make room for the crown, or building it up to give support to the crown. Local anesthetic and/or nitrous oxide will be utilized as needed.
Once the tooth has been prepared, Dr. Cole and his team will make an impression of the damaged and nearby teeth. The impression will be used to make a crown that is a precise fit for your mouth. While the crown is being made, you will wear a beautiful, custom-made temporary crown to protect the tooth.
When the crown is ready, it will be sent to Dr. Cole’s office and you will return for your second appointment. At this appointment, the temporary crown will be taken off and the permanent crown will be placed. Dr. Cole will check the crown to ensure that it fits and that it is the right shape and shade. Once you’re both satisfied, the new crown will be bonded to the tooth.
If a tooth is missing, the crowns will be placed on the teeth on each side of the absent tooth with a replacement tooth bonded between them to “bridge” the gap.
For more information about dental crowns or bridges, call the office of Dr. E. Griffin Cole today.

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