Safe cosmetic teeth whitening is available in Austin, TX

Dr E. Griffin Cole Providing Safe Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has been around for a while, but this cosmetic enhancement has reached new heights of popularity in today’s selfie-driven culture. Our society has also become so fast-paced that quicker seems better. In the case of teeth whitening, it is not. Austin, TX biological dentist, Dr. E. Griffin Cole, offers a healthy alternative.

What causes sensitivity?

Tooth enamel looks smooth and impervious. However, it is covered with tubules – microscopic channels that extend through enamel to underlying pulp. One of the purposes of the tubules is to transfer temperature sensation, helping you avoid damage to teeth. Over time, the body naturally plugs these tubules with minerals from saliva to lessen sensitivity.

Teeth whitening is accomplished with a peroxide solution that fizzes staining pigments from tubules in enamel. It can also disturb dentinal plugs, allowing internal fluid flow. That excites pulpal tissue and increases sensitivity.

Unnecessary risk

Many people believe fast, in-office laser whitening somehow blasts stains from teeth. Rather, it simply heats the peroxide bleaching agent, speeding up oxygenation. Unfortunately, the procedure also poses needless risk of sensitivity. The laser simply desiccates the enamel, giving it a brighter appearance, but potentially harms the pulp in the process.

Safe, comfortable, and effective

Dr. Cole recommends the time-tested method of whitening with an at-home kit:

  • Impressions are taken of your mouth.
  • Smooth plastic trays are custom made. They fit snugly, comfortably holding the whitening agent on your teeth, keeping it off soft tissues or from being swallowed.
  • You fill the trays with prescription strength gel and wear them for about an hour a day
  • Daily uses gently accomplishes bright results in several weeks, comparable to laser whitening but without the risks.
  • Desensitizing ingredients can be added to the gel for improved comfort.

For cosmetic whitening that does not endanger the health of your teeth, call E. Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD in Austin, TX – (512) 472-3565.

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