Cosmetic care from your biological dentist in Austin TX can safely brighten your smile

Dr E. Griffin Cole Providing Cosmetic care

The smile should be a thing of beauty; a facial feature that sends the precise message you want. Research supports the idea that humans tend to view the smile with discernment, drawing subconscious opinions about others based on the appearance of their teeth. A bright smile gives the impression of friendliness and sincerity, even health. If your smile has lost its special sparkle, cosmetic teeth whitening from your biological dentist in Austin, TX can improve your appearance and your confidence.

There are so many options in teeth whitening today that deciding on the most suitable treatment can seem overwhelming. Dr. Cole has treated many patients and has seen the new developments that have occurred in teeth whitening. In his experience, traditional tray whitening remains the best option, lifting set-in stains in a safe, effective manner.

Isn’t all home whitening the same?

When faced with a dull, yellow smile, many people reach for a whitening product on a store shelf. After all, aren’t all home whitening treatments the same? Dr. Cole encourages his patients to perform whitening treatments using professional grade products and custom fitted whitening trays.

More that goes into teeth whitening than the application of any type of whitening agent. The first concern is if dental problems or gum disease exist and is untreated, home whitening can cause irritation and discomfort. Unpleasant side effects may occur even when teeth and gums are healthy because products like strips are incapable of holding whitening gel only against the teeth. Should too much bleach contact gum tissue, irritation may occur.

Commercial whitening products are made in a one-size-fits-all design to minimize risk. However, this characteristic makes commercial whiteners inefficient when it comes to reaching set-in stains.

Whiten teeth at home safely and successfully

Dr. Griffin Cole works with patients on an individual basis to achieve their desired results. While there is no need for high-tech whitening treatments (which are no more efficient than home whitening), there is a need for personalized care. Home whitening trays are designed to fit each patient’s teeth perfectly so that whitening gel remains on the teeth. The solution supplied by your dentist is safe but also powerful enough to lift years of stains in a short time.

Your smile says a lot about you. Regain your sparkle with safe teeth whitening from Dr. Cole. Call (512) 472-3565 for your consultation.

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