The best care for your smile can be found in our biological dental office in Austin

Best care for your smile from biological dental office in Austin

Most people have an idea of what they can expect from their general dentist. In fact, not much has changed in dentistry over the course of hundreds of years; even in light of the development of numerous innovative technologies. While we may have more methods and techniques for treating dental disease, relatively little progress has been made in the areas of prevention and biocompatibility.
Biocompatibility is a term with which many people may not be familiar. It is; however, an important aspect of dental care. The biocompatible dentist like Dr. Griffin Cole understands that the best dental care comes, not necessarily from a well-equipped office; but, from the attention to detail patients find in our Austin dental practice. We believe in doing more than “drilling and filling” to remedy dental disease and take the time to consider the long-term effects of dental care itself.

Aspects of biocompatible dental care


At the most basic level, we want to know how a material will affect cells in human tissue. Substances used in dentistry have the potential to be toxic to teeth, the gums, and the body. Amalgam is a good example of this. When the effects of a certain material or substance, such as amalgam and mercury, could be a detriment to health, we know to look for an alternative form of restoration.


Though each person is similar in certain ways, we are also incredibly unique. Where one person may have no reaction to certain types of food or materials, another may find that consuming the same food or coming into contact with the same material leads to an allergic response. How we respond to contact with substances stems from our own innate biochemistry. For this reason, it is highly beneficial to work with a dentist who can accurately identify the materials that are safest to use on your smile.


Ancient Eastern medicine identified the flow of energy through the body. We call this Qi (“chee”). According to this philosophy, energy travels through pathways, which are referred to as meridians. Biological dentistry recognizes the role of each tooth in particular pathways of energy and the potential effect of care directed to any tooth.
Dr. Cole doesn’t simply treat patients, he treats individuals. We listen to your dental concerns and take the time to explain how your smile can be optimized with biological dental care. Schedule your visit to our Austin practice today.

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