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Dr E. Griffin Cole Providing Best Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic dental treatments have evolved over centuries of time though modern developments have quickly surpassed the progress made throughout hundreds of years. Today, it is possible to remove years of stains in only a short period of time. Flaws such as gaps and damage in the form of cracks, chips, and breaks, as well, can all be disguised with minimal alteration of natural tooth structure. The best results from cosmetic care come, not only from a particular treatment; but, from the skill and artistic talent held by your dentist. In the Austin area, Dr. Griffin Cole is recognized for his commitment to holistic philosophy and personalized care through which small details bring about big change.

When you consult with an experienced dentist like Dr. Cole about your cosmetic concerns, you benefit from a high standard of excellence and an understanding of what it takes to create a true work of art. Patients who visit our practice for cosmetic dentistry are treated with the latest techniques and with materials that not only look natural; but, can sustain the force of biting and chewing.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of cosmetic care is the collaboration that occurs between dentist and patient. It is here, not in materials or technique alone, where authentic beauty is achieved. There are several factors that need to be considered when planning cosmetic dental treatment. These include:

  • Proportions. There are two distinct areas where proportion is important. One is the proportion of tooth to gum matter. When either too much gum or too much tooth shows in the smile, the overall appearance is disharmonious. Proportions within the smile need to blend well with other facial features in order to bring beauty to the entire face.
  • Symmetry is a key factor in beauty. Cosmetic dental treatment assesses how one side of the smile relates to the other and brings symmetry where it is needed.
  • The smile line is formed by the bottom edges of the top teeth. Teeth that are shorter or longer than others can be enhanced to promote an even, beautiful smile line.

Cosmetic dental care involves precise scientific principles through which beauty is strategically heightened. Trust your smile to a biological dentist with training and experience to achieve your desired outcome. Call us for your appointment with Dr. Griffin Cole.

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