What are the benefits of root canal therapy with ozone near Austin, TX?

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When patients in or near Austin, TX visit Dr. E. Griffin Cole to learn more about the potential systemic problems with root canal therapy, they are happy to talk with a dentist who can provide them with all the information needed to make an informed choice about their health care. Root canal therapy has received very negative press over the past few years, and while this is a good thing that people are able to access all kinds of information about root canals, it is important that they learn the entire story. Dr. Cole looks at each patient individually and helps the patient make an informed choice based on their health history, bloodwork if applicable, and personal feelings and goals. For some, ozone therapy offers an option of keeping their teeth and not crippling themselves by pulling them out. When ozone therapy is integrated with root canal therapy, the issue of not being able to get all the bacteria and other bad bugs out of the tubules is negated. As a biologic dentist with a focus on quality dental care, Dr. E. Griffin Cole and his team can provide this and many other options for patients wanting comprehensive solutions for their smiles.

What is root canal therapy?

First, patients can learn about the procedure known as root canal therapy. Root canal therapy, sometimes called endodontic treatment, requires the dentist to access the inner portion of the tooth to remove the dental pulp. The pulp is a mass of tissues including nerves and blood vessels. Once removed, the dentist can disinfect the canals of the tooth before filling it and sealing with composite resin. The entire procedure is done right in the dental office under proper anesthetics, and sedation if necessary. Patients find that this procedure is done when the natural tooth is at risk of being extracted because of damage, infection, or inflammation. Root canal therapy is done as a last resort to save the tooth and maintain one’s oral health and wellness – as well as the appearance of the smile.

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone therapy is the use of ozone gas administered to the oral cavity to help:

  • Kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites
  • Speed healing

Ozone gas is completely safe and has been found to be restorative in nature, especially for patients who have infections such as periodontal disease. Special trays are made in the office for each patient, and these trays are connected to an ozone machine. The trays are worn over the dental arch and the ozone gas is administered to the teeth for 15 minutes per arch. This is fast, effective, and biological.

Why combine ozone therapy and root canal therapy?

By using ozone therapy during root canal treatment, patients will be comforted knowing all the problematic bacteria in the mouth is being treated effectively with biological solutions. It also speeds healing after the procedure for less discomfort. We encourage patients to ask about using ozone therapy not only for this treatment but for others. In fact, some patients choose to have ozone therapy performed when they visit for cleanings and examinations as a way of taking a more proactive approach to their oral health and wellness.

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Who is a candidate for ozone therapy?

Any patient in our practice can benefit from integrating ozone therapy into their routine dental procedures. Patients with conditions such as periodontal disease may want to visit more often for ozone treatments to help kill the bacteria and bring their smile back to health. We encourage patients in the Austin, TX area to ask Dr. E. Griffin Cole about using ozone therapy with dental treatments.

Why choose Dr. E. Griffin Cole?

Dr. E. Griffin Cole, Ready to discuss ozone therapy and root canal treatmentDr. E. Griffin Cole is a holistic dentist who is focused on providing an integrative approach and biocompatible focus to dentistry. His practice, E. Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD, ensures that everything is safe and effective for the treatment of common dental concerns. He is a long-standing member and officer of the IAOMT and focuses on providing solutions that do not include materials harmful to the body. For example, he does not provide fillings for patients that contain mercury, and offers safe removal and replacement of these fillings with composite resin.

Ready to discuss ozone therapy and root canal treatment?

Now is a great time to visit Dr. E. Griffin Cole to learn more about how ozone therapy can be combined with many of our procedures to improve healing time and ensure elimination of bacteria in the most effective manner. We encourage patients in the area of Austin, TX to contact us for an appointment by calling (512) 472-3565 and to visit us at 1301 West 25th Street, Suite 402.

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