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Ozone Therapy from dentist in Austin

When you think of your dentist, it is likely that you view this professional as the provider who helps you keep your smile looking and feeling good. It is a rare person who looks at his or her dentist as a health care provider who aids in the prevention and treatment of infection. The fact is that one of the primary purposes of dental care is to manage the delicate ecosystem of the mouth, minimizing the impact of harmful bacteria that naturally live there. Without oral hygiene and professional dental care, infectious conditions like cavities and gum disease develop.
As far back as the 1930s, innovative dentists began to understand the benefits of ozone therapy. Today, patients from the Austin area can visit Dr. Griffin Cole to experience these benefits first hand. Ozone, which is charged oxygen, is now used in various clinical settings. As dentistry has advanced, more people are discovering the power of ozone in the treatment of disease and the restoration of optimal oral and systemic health.

Understanding ozone and oxygen

Ozone therapy is also sometimes called oxygen therapy because ozone contains oxygen atoms. In the natural environment, ozone is formed through the reconfiguration of oxygen atoms that occurs because of lightning or ultraviolet energy. Most people have heard of the ozone layer, part of the natural atmosphere that absorbs energy from ultraviolet rays, protecting the earth and its inhabitants. Ozone is often mistaken as pollution because the substance is often referred to in such discussions. The role of ozone in pollution, however, is to clean the atmosphere with its oxidative capabilities.
Understanding ozone in relation to oxygen is beneficial because it helps us to recognize the powerful benefits that come from ozone’s inclusion in dental treatments. The immense oxidative power of ozone means that only minute concentrations are needed to kill bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms. These low concentrations, at the same time, are very safe in the human body. Using ozone to fight infection offers a wonderful alternative to antibiotics.
In our Austin dental practice, ozone is used in a number of different treatments, aiding in the accomplishment of oral health goals.
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