Austin patients can choose mercury free fillings for long lasting repair

Dr E. Griffin Cole Explaining Austin patients can choose mercury free fillings for long lasting repair

Due to the longstanding use of amalgam, or silver fillings, many people in today’s society know nothing else. Amalgam has been used since the late 1700s. Not many technologies dating back this far are still in use today. There are good reasons for amalgam to be phased out. Austin dentist, Dr. Griffin Cole, provides care that includes mercury-free fillings that look more natural and cohabitate better with natural oral structures.

More than a cosmetic issue

We live in an image-conscious society in which the smile has immense power over personal and professional success. Due to the natural appearance of mercury-free and BPA-free composites, tooth-colored fillings are a popular choice for today’s patient. While any reason is a good reason to avoid the placement of an amalgam filling, there is much more to the composite filling than an attractive appearance.

One of the primary concerns about amalgam dental fillings is the presence of mercury in this restorative material. Mercury is not found in many, if any, commercial products today due to its high degree of toxicity. This natural element is dangerous to the environment, to teeth, and to the entire body. We will not put your health at risk by insisting on the use of such an antiquated treatment as amalgam fillings.

A healthy alternative

Dr. Griffin Cole is a highly educated and experienced biological dentist. Patients who visit our office receive more than the standard of care. They receive care designed to promote long lasting oral health and function; to mimic what nature designed. A mercury and BPA-free alternative to amalgam, composite resin achieves the goal of lasting results through conservative care.

A quartz-based material, composite resin can be shaded to blend in with surrounding tooth material. The end result of this restorative treatment is a tooth that looks as though it had never been damaged at all. In addition to being discreet, composites are also very durable. This stems from bonding the customized filling to the damaged tooth. Finally, because quartz is a substance that expands and contracts at a rate very close to enamel, composite fillings are gentle on natural tooth structure.

Your Austin biological dentist has the experience you can trust. Call (512) 472-3565 to schedule mercury-free dental care.

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