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Dentist in Austin, TX is offering effective ozone therapy in the treatment of oral cavitation

Dentist is Offering Effective Ozone Therapy in the Treatment of Oral Cavitation in Austin, Tx Area

Oral cavitation occurs when, due to a lack of blood supply to certain areas of the bone, a hollowed-out area or hole develops in the jawbone. Dr. Griffin Cole utilizes ozone treatment for patients in the Austin, TX area suffering from this dental health issue. The interruption of blood supply, which causes oral cavitation is itself caused by a disease called osteonecrosis. This disease disrupts an adequate blood supply from reaching the jawbone. Without adequate blood supply reaching the jawbone and marrow of the jaw, the bone cells and tissue will begin to die. Oral cavitation can be hard to … Continue reading

Dentist Austin, TX explains the process of root canal therapy

Dr. E. Griffin Cole is a dentist in Austin, TX who helps patients in understanding the process of achieving a healthy smile, while fully understanding the advantages of certain procedures such as root canal therapy.

Dr. E. Griffin Cole is a dentist in Austin, TX who helps patients in understanding the process of achieving a healthy smile, while fully understanding the advantages of certain procedures such as root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is one of several treatments that may be used to save a natural tooth from having to be extracted. What is root canal therapy? The process of root canal therapy can be easily explained by our dentist.  Diagnostics. First, diagnostics must show that there is a need for root canal therapy. This can be done with an x-ray to check the health … Continue reading

What are the benefits of using ozone therapy with dental treatments in Austin, TX?

Dr. E. Griffin Cole continually provides biological care for his patients.

Biological dentist, Dr. E. Griffin Cole, is a professional in Austin, TX who focuses on ensuring patients have healthy, beautiful smiles. When patients come into the practice for routine treatments, he may suggest the integration of ozone therapy. Ozone therapy has many benefits for the patient, which makes it an obvious choice for improved oral health and wellness. What is ozone therapy? When patients hear the word “ozone,” they often think of environmental concerns such as the ozone layer in the sky. Ozone is actually a natural form of oxygen that can be administered by practitioners directly to patients to … Continue reading

Dentist near San Marcos, TX offers ozone therapy for gum disease

Dr E. Griffin Cole Providing Ozone therapy for gum disease from dentist in Austin

About 64.7 million Americans – half of the adult population – have gum disease. It is the leading cause of tooth loss in our country. Gum disease is also linked to grave systemic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. For many patients in or near the San Marcos, TX area, painless ozone therapy from Dr. Griffin Cole achieves healthy results. About oxygen/ozone therapy Ozone is sometimes called “excited oxygen” because it contains three oxygen atoms rather than two (as in atmospheric oxygen), rendering it chemically unstable. This property has tremendous therapeutic benefits.   Ozone is a powerful antimicrobial agent. A single ozone molecule … Continue reading

Receive safe and effective dental care with ozone therapy in our Austin practice

Dr E. Griffin Cole Providing Safe and Effective Dental Care with Ozone Therapy from dentist in Austin

Dental care can be more pleasant with a dental team committed to non-invasive, biologically sound treatment protocols. Dr. Cole and his team operate from the philosophy that a healthy mouth is a vital part of optimal overall health. One of the ways we offer safe and effective dental care is with ozone therapy. Patients of our Austin dental practice treated with ozone quickly learn why it is so beneficial.   Cavities and gum disease are two of the most common problems treated by dentists today. Rather than addressing only the dental issue, your biological dentist seeks to identify and treat the root cause of the … Continue reading

The benefits of oxygen ozone therapy in dentistry is seen in gum treatments in our Austin practice

Dr E. Griffin Cole Providing oxygen ozone therapy in dentistry from dentist in Austin

Oral health is not only related to our teeth, but to the soft tissues in the mouth as well. We have learned from research that the health of our teeth and gums is associated with general health. One of the priorities of our biological dental practice is preserving oral health through the early detection and treatment of conditions such as gum disease. When treating this infection, we are careful to do so in a manner that minimizes the risk of problems in the future while promoting safety and comfort for each patient.   Gum disease is not a one-size-fits-all dental … Continue reading

Your Austin dentist offers ozone treatment for cavities and other dental concerns

Ozone Treatment for Cavities from dentist in Austin

Teeth cleanings and fillings are all aspects of dentistry readily recognized when people think of visiting their dentist. Receiving ozone as a part of dental care, on the other hand, may seem surprising. Ozone is a substance that is more often thought of when thinking of environmental issues such as pollution. This is because ozone is a natural “air filter” on earth. This substance binds to particles that do not belong. This same characteristic of ozone is extremely beneficial in the human body.   Ozone is based on oxygen atoms. In clinical settings, this substance is made using a specialized … Continue reading

The benefits of ozone therapy can be experienced by our Austin area patients

Ozone Therapy from dentist in Austin

When you think of your dentist, it is likely that you view this professional as the provider who helps you keep your smile looking and feeling good. It is a rare person who looks at his or her dentist as a health care provider who aids in the prevention and treatment of infection. The fact is that one of the primary purposes of dental care is to manage the delicate ecosystem of the mouth, minimizing the impact of harmful bacteria that naturally live there. Without oral hygiene and professional dental care, infectious conditions like cavities and gum disease develop.   … Continue reading

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Dr. Griffin Cole has been awarded with Austin Premier Doctor Award 2019

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