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Root Canals with Ozone Therapy

E. Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD
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From the moment you walk into Dr. Cole's office, you feel truly welcomed. Tammy and Judi have a way of making you feel like family.

Couple that with Dr. Cole's expertise and his talented assistants, and you have the whole package. I actually look forward to going to MY dentist!
Root Canals with Ozone Therapy Austin - Before and After
Root canal therapy does not always remove all the infection. Dr. Cole wrote the study on ozone therapy for root canals, and is very familiar with the technique.
Root canal therapy has long been a common form of treatment in general dentistry. There is a fair amount of contention regarding the efficacy of root canal therapy for the treatment of deep infection. Dr. Cole, a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, understands the various reasons why dentists and many patients question the validity of this treatment. Performed in the traditional manner, there are definitely issues that can arise from the root canal procedure.

The oral structure contains more than our teeth, gums, and the roots that connect teeth to the jawbone. Spanning from the roots of teeth into the dentin are miles of dentinal tubules, tiny areas to which bacteria travel from an infected root canal. Conventional root canal therapy focuses on the core of infection, which lies in pulp tissue. The idea behind this common procedure is that the removal of infected tissue, along with the nerve, root, and blood vessels in the root canal, and the subsequent cleansing and sealing of the canal, will fully eradicate infection and destroy any remaining bacteria. This is simply not the case.

The problem with this ideology is that the natural shape and structure of the tooth's core, primarily dentinal tubules, make it virtually impossible to destroy bacteria efficiently using a liquid “bleach” solution. The inefficiency of this approach to root canal cleansing leads to ongoing infection beneath the surface, persisting long after the tooth has been restored.

Dr. Cole's approach to endodontics, which really applies to his overall practice ideology, is aimed at helping his patients keep their natural teeth, and their good health, for a lifetime. Root canal therapy is performed in select cases after a thorough discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of treatment. Patients learn about viable alternatives, and are provided with details into the manner in which Dr. Cole performs successful root canal therapy. Dr. Cole penned the official scientific review on "Oxygen/Ozone Therapy in Root Canal Therapy and Cavitations" for the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, giving him specific insight into the potential outcome of precise processes.

When root canal therapy is performed in our office, Dr. Cole incorporates diagnostic planning with precision digital radiography, which provides an accurate view of the tooth structure. When all areas of the tooth are clearly seen, treatment may take place using ozonated water to irrigate the canals after the removal of infected tissue. Before moving forward with final sealant, Dr. Cole treats the affected canal with ozone gas, and places a temporary seal over the tooth. The tooth will remain covered for a few weeks, during which time the ozone gas can fully permeate the dentinal tubules, destroying any remaining bacteria before the canal is sealed off.

Root canal therapy is not always our preferred method of restorative care. Sometimes, the best treatment choice is removal of the tooth. During the consultation and evaluation, Dr. Cole collaborates with each patient to determine suitable treatment based on his or her specific needs.

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    Rating: 5 Dentist Austin - 5 Star Review
    Dr Griffin Cole

    I couldn't be happier with my experiences so far. I have never been comfortable in a dentist office and have been embarrassed about how poorly I've taken care of my teeth. I have felt like a family friend with everyone in the office since I first showed up at their door. Their bedside manner is a 10! I love the fact that they are holistic and do everything they can to ensure I get the best and safest treatments possible. I will likely continue to go to them even if I relocate out of the state. Thank you, Dr. Cole, and staff for helping me- I can not fully express my gratitude.

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