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  • Rating: 5
    Dr Griffin Cole

    The Best Dentist and an overall great guy!

    My wife and I found Griffin on the internet while we were looking for a Mercury Free dentist in Austin. I'm not sure if he's the only one or not, but he's the only one for us from now on. Even my wife, who absolutely hates Dr.'s offices and dentist offices, was extremely comfortable and enjoyed her visit there. No matter what questions you ask, Griffin will provide you with educated, intelligent answers to make sure YOU understand what he's doing.

    They do not take insurance, but I'd rather pay myself and not have toxic poisons (flouride & mercury) "sold" to me and put in my mouth. Most people will spend hundreds of dollars at the bars and restaurants each month, yet won't spend a dime on their own health.

    Reviewed by Russell N.
  • Rating: 5
    Dr Griffin Cole

    Possibly the best dentist in Austin!

    Dr. Cole is one of the best dentists in Austin if you are concerned with keeping your teeth healthy and your body free from dangerous dental toxins--esp. mercury. My husband has been going to Dr. Cole for 15 years, and I've been going for almost 10. The staff is so incredibly friendly and helpful. Dr. Cole himself is generous with his time, answering all questions thoroughly. His dental work is awesome. His dental hygienist, Cindy, is also world-class! Gentle, and thorough. My husband and I are both chemically-sensitive, and his office is a safe place for us.

    Reviewed by Michelle E.
  • Rating: 5
    Dr Griffin Cole


    Dr. Cole is a great dentist who is very caring; called me after I had a few fillings done to see how I was doing. He also specializes in biological dentistry (non-mercury amalgams, biocompatible focus) so he's concerned with total health. The office is nice and so are the staff. He's top-notch!

    PROS: biological dentistry, whole health, excellent care

    CONS: none

    Reviewed by Luca P.
  • Rating: 5
    Dr Griffin Cole

    Having experienced several dentists in my life - to include military dentists; or, were they trainees?? In any event, it is very difficult to overstate when offering praise for Griffin Cole's work, his staff. He is a journeyman...a master, really. An excellent staff and the highest standard of care are immediate impressions one can expect upon their first visit. Furthermore, those standards are maintained consistently over time, they don't fade. I believe I can say as much about his excellent care since my wife and I have been going for several years.

    My personal experience has been that I do not dread the trip to the dentist's office, quite the contrary. Definitely a 5 star experience....every time.

    Reviewed by Mark S.
  • Rating: 5
    Dr Griffin Cole

    We have been going to Griffin for several years now and are very happy. He has a mercury free office, knows about alternative health solutions and is anti-fluoride. He also uses digital x-rays which have 90% less radiation. Not cheap, but worth it.

    Reviewed by Brie S.
  • Rating: 5
    Dr Griffin Cole

    Dr. Cole and his staff, especially Deborah, have provided our whole family with conscientious, pro-active, caring treatment for over ten years. Our family ranges in age from 2-92, and they each receive specialized care with the safest substances - no mercury! Highly recommended - especially if you need cosmetic or restorative work and want them to look genuinely real.

    Reviewed by A google user
  • Rating: 5
    Dr Griffin Cole

    Dr Cole and his staff are bar none - the best in the business! I should know I've had lots of work done. What I love about them...

    1, They stand on principal and deal with teeth they way they see fit. No insurance companies telling these guys how to run their business.
    2, They care
    3, They don't upsell
    4, They believe in what they are doing
    5, They don't mind giving me laughing gas and
    6, They are the dentist office that's not so scary.

    If you getting work done - get it done by the best.

    Reviewed by Paul R.
  • Rating: 5
    Dr Griffin Cole

    After you visit Griffin Cole, you wish that all your other medical appointments were like this. He's something like the character of Wayne Jarvis on Arrested Development - PROFESSIONAL. He's so professional it's almost funny. Before you go sit in "the chair" you sit down in a nice office and talk about what's going on. He listens and gets all the details and lays out what needs to be done. Then he does it, and he's always PROFESSIONAL. Seriously Great dentist. If you are having complicated or "scary" work done, he is especially the guy you want to see.

    Reviewed by Zach D.
  • Rating: 5
    Dr Griffin Cole

    Dr Cole is the best dentist my wife and I have ever been to. He has helped her deal with issues from titanium implants (she was allergic to titanium and no one tested her prior to installing the implants - very bad decision for us). He just helped me with a chipped tooth that probably needs a root canal. And he and his staff have been excellent to work with for the past 6 years.

    Reviewed by Dan K.
  • Rating: 5
    Dr Griffin Cole

    Best ever! Put simply-Griffin cares about your health. Everyone who works there is professional and pleasant. I have been going to them for years, along with my entire family, How refreshing to see such a well run dental practice that consistently reflects the very high standards of the owner.

    Reviewed by Camille G.
  • Rating:
    Dr Griffin Cole

    Dr. Cole is a beacon of light in a sea of Austin dentists- one of the few in town that values holistic dentistry over the other kind that seems content to shove dangerous chemicals in your mouth, and then charge you for it. I went to Dr. Cole's office this week after a small composite filling fell out of one of my tooth this past month. It wasn't a big hole that was left behind, but I am sensitive to radiation and wary of going to a dentist that requires a full examination before they will even touch your teeth. If you call around, most dentists will not even treat you unless you fork out for several hundreds of dollars worth of dangerous x-rays---something I am not a huge fan of. I literally couldn't schedule with a few places because they required this.

    Reviewed by Mandy S.
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E. Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD
Rating: 5 Dentist Austin - 5 Star Reviews

Best ever! Put simply, Griffin cares about your health. Everyone who works there is professional and pleasant. I have been going to them for years, along with my entire family. How refreshing to see such a well run dental practice that consistently reflects the very high standards of the owner.
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The experienced team of Dr. Griffin Cole would like to welcome you to our website. On our pages, we hope to give you a chance to get to know our practice before your first visit. We are dedicated to helping our patients achieve their best oral health and general well-being through comprehensive integrative dental care, offered in a comfortable and safe environment. The typical sights and smells of a dental practice have intentionally been left out of our office so that you may experience dental care at its finest.

A nationally known biological dental practice serving the Austin area for more than two decades, our practice operates with a strong philosophy that serves as the foundation for our high level of dentistry. Simply put, it is our job to treat our patients with comprehensive, individualized care.

Our team, headed by Austin’s foremost biologic dentist - Dr. Griffin Cole - strives to stand out as an office founded on unquestionable ethics and skills, and an unwavering devotion to patient care. We practice quality over quantity, providing the amount of time we feel necessary for your ultimate care. Our patients are like-minded, desiring integrative care that seeks to benefit the whole body. Once we have started care, our patients remain a part of our dental family for many years.

If you are ready to experience dentistry as it should be, we invite you to contact our Austin biological dentistry office today.

Our dental practice has been designed for comfort and health. Our reception and treatment areas have an open feel that is inviting and calming.

Dr. Cole is known as one of the original mercury-free dentists in Central Texas and he has been serving patients from around the country (and abroad) for over two decades. His early exposure to mercury-free dentistry paved the path towards a biologically based integrative practice, in which patients’ general health is addressed as it relates to oral health. Visiting our office, you will experience care like you have not known, beginning with a complimentary consultation in which you get an opportunity to meet with Dr. Cole and his staff to get acquainted and discuss your concerns and goals. Before any treatment, a comprehensive examination, which explores all aspects of your health, is performed. In most dental offices around the world, teams are disease-care oriented, serving patients’ immediate needs. In contrast, Dr. Cole does not find it beneficial or in your best interest to jump right into dental exams and x-rays without getting to know the possible underlying causes of dental issues such as cavities and gum disease.

Our patients do not simply receive general dental care. They are informed about their current dental health as well as what they may expect in their dental future. We provide education and supplementation as necessary to promote oral health on an ongoing basis, and offer individualized care that is gentle, safe, and free of judgment.

We are proud to offer a high standard of care to all persons interested in attaining true health. To meet us personally, contact our office at (512) 472-3565 today.

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